Japan, N Korea to hold talks next week in Sweden


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Hopefully things will go well here.

Imagine a better relations with North Korea compared to South Korea.

In your face!

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Increase the peace!

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Keep talking, that is what Japan and N.K have beening doing so far at their best, but where is the result?

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A good "Minus Strategy"; try to do away with one and sleep soundly, esp. One prospect with nuke ability.

Pay to lessen tension, this may not be a Mission Impossible, if, possible.

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I hope there is a positive result but I expect the same old same old.

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Is China a construct of Japan? Think about how fishy that is. I said fish.

For 30 and more years, Japanese business development in China, with Japanese management and control, has created a China that Nixon and Kissinger never anticipated, much less dreamed of. After all, we didn't think that the Japanese would let their own economy stagnate for over two decades in order to build up China, especially not as a hand puppet for WWIII. As the thinking around the table went then: Let’s get the world to aim its nuclear arsenal at China during the next big war, not at Japan.

And so, Japan created and nurtures a new monster, the new and improved PRC out of the rot and riot of communism, to fight the current reigning monster over Japan's Co-Prosperity Sphere. Call this 70-year-old monster, Godzilla from the USA, with an unrelenting stranglehold on the empire. So, what else was Japan to do for next hundred years, if it was not permitted to grow within its own borders? That’s when, by hook and by crook, Japan bought the Chinese government, one corrupt official at a time.

I have more to tell you, especially how a certain country plans to turn the tables on Godzilla and win dominion over the US. Meanwhile, think how fishy that is. It's just believable enough to make a good movie, especially as tensions escalate and appear more often on American television screens? Would Americans support Japan's Security Guarantee after seeing such a movie? I have the screenplay. I'm ready to go fish.

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