Suzuki reappointed Olympics minister after Sakurada resigns

By Toshifumi Kitamura

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And with his latest comments, Sakurada earned himself an 8-month break until he is inevitably appointed minister of some other department. Which one? Doesn't matter. Never has. He's in the club - don't question these things.

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Shunichi Suzuki, AKA Taro Aso's brother in law. What a coincidence!

Not to mention the fact that Japanese politicians are most of the times part of political dynasties....

Japanese politics is just ridiculous.

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As i have written before, “gaffe-prone” should be in many LDP politicians’ titles.

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Shunichi Suzuki's mandate: (1) let the bureaucrats do the work. (2) shut up. (3) If you have to say something, don't insult earthquake victims or athletes fighting cancer.

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Why was Suzuki replaced as Olympics minister in the first place? If it was performance or more "gaffes" then he wouldn't be repeating the post...

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