Japan offers $410 mil in aid to support Turkey's hosting of refugees


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Stop wasting our money.

It's not your money. It's government and BOJ money. You're just lucky to have some of it sometimes.

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Stop wasting our money.

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Not even Pakistan is taking in afghan refugees, they know the risk.

If Smith wants it, petition the english, his countrymen, to do it. Leave Japan the hell out.

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Dear Smith Japan,

This people are in the current situation and position because of Western Countries involvement.

Whole of middle east is a mess started because of Western countries who want to leave after a while.

Talk the talk.... but can't Walk the Walk.

How about you ask your fellow citizens back home to take them all In. All the people you made refugees.

It's your countries responsibility for its military involvement without thinking twice.

Stop asking Japan to fix your mess! Fix your mistakes! !

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Waste of money for us.

Japan has received very little help from some of this Muslim countries when our citizens got captured by ISIS and killed. We got very little support or care about Japanese Citizens Life's when many of them are there in the first place to help them.

Please support countries that support Japan in return.

Please make sure they understand which Country is helping them when we do.

Many times Japan gets 0 Recognition and appreciation for the money and help we give out. Many times their government won't even tell their people the help its from Japan.

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Japan once again throwing money at a corrupt government rather than taking steps to actually improve things. Japan, the country with the biggest aging population problem, and one of the lowest birthrates, and which faces extinction if they do not bring more people in. Why not accept refugees instead of paying someone else to do it?

Bring the people here. Train them, let them contribute, and also keep the money here to spend on OUR needs -- like the health system which is going to collapse in the future, or other social systems so that you don't need to raise taxes since you claim there's no money. But hey, we're talking about forward thinking, and talking about Japan -- can't have them in the same sentence.

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Turkey is Japan's friend.

Too bad this friend is so far away, it won't be much help.

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That much money in a humanitarian effort will have a beneficial effect.

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Interesting move. Turkey will also be a route for Afghans no doubt and former Soviet states. Japan could be doing Europe a favour and its not a bad idea to get on good terms with what is the strongest country in the Middle East. But more importantly it might be useful for those loans to be in Yen, rather than dollars.

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Whilst Japanese people are dying at home because there are not even any temporary hospital beds for them.

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How about 410,000,000 vaccines for us in Japan?

How about Japan take some refugees?

As @dbsaiya says, they are paying to avoid anyone drawing attention to Japan's pitiful intake of refugees, whether Turkish, Kurdish or Syrian, despite supposedly being signatory to international agreements that put them in the 'international community' camp, where they like to think they have a place at the table. The only way to do that is to dump a wad of money on the table so the rest of the club look away from their refugee shutout policy. It works!

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Here, I'll pay for their rent, just don't send them here. That has always been Japan's policy

dbsaiya, LOL. Spot on

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@Hiro and @bearandrodent.

I agree with your statements that it is fine for countries to exhibit nationalism and make their citizens a priority over sending money and aid to other countries. Trump was promoting that as well. The US has a lot of problems yet tons on money was being sent abroad to wasteful programs. He was promoting US first as a priority. Not sure why so many dislike Trump's nationalism, but want the same exact nationalism for their countries.

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Seriously, what the heck is wrong with the government. Is just money down the drain. 

I always get so angry when Japan still does not take care of its own citizens from the Tohoku earthquake, yet spend tax money on these “saving face” type donations.*

Japan will provide up to 45 billion yen ($410 million) in yen loans to Turkey.

A loan is a financial instrument whereby the principal is paid back with interest.

After the loan is repaid, which way is the net flow of money?

You assume the loan is interest-bearing. Zero-interest "loans" do also exist for various reasons.

The devil is in the details and nowhere in this article is there any mention of "interest" to be paid on these loans.

Moreover, the Turkish economy is in a pretty severe slump.



*The 2018-21 Turkish currency and debt crisis (Turkish: Türkiye döviz ve borç krizi) is a financial and economic crisis in Turkey. It was characterized by the Turkish lira (TRY) plunging in value, high inflation, rising borrowing costs, and correspondingly rising loan defaults. *



International consequences

See also: European Union–Turkey relations and Turkey–United States relations

The crisis has brought considerable risks of financial contagion. One aspect concerns risk to foreign lenders, where according to the Bank for International Settlements, international banks had outstanding loans of $224 billion to Turkish borrowers, including $83 billion from banks in Spain, $35 billion from banks in France, $18 billion from banks in Italy, $17 billion each from banks in the United States and in the United Kingdom, and $13 billion from banks in Germany. Another aspect concerns the situation of other emerging economies with high levels of debt denominated in USD or EUR, with respect to which Turkey may either be considered "a canary in the coalmine" or even by its crisis and the bad handling thereof increase international investors' retreat for increased perception of risk in such countries. On 31 May 2018, the Institute of Financial Research (IIF) reported that the Turkish crisis has already spread to Lebanon, Colombia and South Africa....




Even if the loans are interest-bearing, it remains to be seen whether they will effectively be reimbursed or not or if they do, when this will happen...

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How about 410,000,000 vaccines for us in Japan?

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He likes throwing money and vaccines around the world, yet doesn’t want to help tax payers in his own country? He’s easily the worst PM I’ve ever seen..

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Motegi-san is building the Right connections within the BRICS Axis.

This is not a waste of money.

The real waste of money is on nato in Afghanistan and nato in Okinawa.

Japan is bound to Universal Principles, which prioritizes Humanitarian efforts like Gaza and Refugees over Nissans ghosn and the wests 1%.

Japan is the Gateway to The Silk Road, which will inevitably flow through Taliban controlled territory.

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I always get so angry when Japan still does not take care of its own citizens from the Tohoku earthquake, yet spend tax money on these “saving face” type donations.

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Seriously, what the heck is wrong with the government. Is just money down the drain. I don't get why the government could pour billions of dollar every years to many countries and we never get to see any good thing out of it. And here we are struggling so much in Japan that people are overworked till they drop dead.

How about giving more financial arid to parents trying to raise their children in the expensive cities here in Japan?

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Here, I'll pay for their rent, just don't send them here. That has always been Japan's policy.

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Japan will provide up to 45 billion yen ($410 million) in yen loans to Turkey to help ease the country's financial burden of hosting refugees from war-torn Syria, the Japanese Foreign Ministry said Friday.

What's the link with Japan?

The two sides also agreed to set up a panel of high-ranking diplomats to discuss maritime matters such as freedom of navigation, a key issue of concern for Japan in the face of China's increasing assertiveness in the East China Sea.

What's the link with Turkey?

They also discussed the situation in Afghanistan and the peace process involving Israel and the Palestinians, the Japanese ministry said.

(Again) What the link with Japan?

Motegi asked for Turkey's support for resolving the issue of North Korea's abductions of Japanese nationals in the 1970s and 1980s.

(Again) What's the link with Turkey?


Aaaaah, got it. Essentially theatrics for outlets like Kyodo, Jiji, Sankei but also Yomiuri and NHK to make it look like Japan is still relevant in today's world...

If Japan would actually do something to be relevant over pretending to be relevant, it would be the world who would be talking about Japan.

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