Japan offers Tunisia $465 mil in loans


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What about helping the earthquake victims here at home first?

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A country heavily in public debt and giving away money like there is no tomorrow. This is Shinzo Abe. Yesterday it was a country is Africa ( Sahel Area ). Today it is Tunisia. And, tomorrow? No wonder the people of Fukushima are still without housing even after three years and despite the commitments made by Shinzo Abe. Unless the people of Japan wake up and open their eyes to the idiocy of Shinzo Abe, the country is as good as doomed.

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Exactly! Please help people in your own country first as many have already trying to end their life due to depression after losing hope..

"Democratization" at other country can't be more important than life threatening condition in your own country. Please wake up Japan!

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Since the earthquake happened, I've maintained that the global community would forgive Japan if they passed on IMF, foreign aid and other contributions/obligations for a year or two to sort out the tragedy at home. The government continues to forgive loans, give money to ASEAN, boost IMF contributions, etc, while more than 200,000 remain in temporary housing. Sad.

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Obama would have just given/printed them the money..

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More money to give away. Why is Japan keep doing this sort of thing. Is it trying to become like the US? You ought to know that it has been a failed policy as far as most Americans are concerned.

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