Japan approves aid to foreign troops' non-military operations


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Here we go the balls been rolled, it's all downhill from here. Not that I mind. the worlds a dangerous place and there's a dangerous game being played by the USA and its allies. Looks like China and Russia are teaming up.

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It'll be in the first 5 comments, that post by someone who has never been to tohoku, never met anyone from there, never lifted a finger to help people there and knows nothing about the situation who will weep hot fat crocodile tears about people he doesn't care about because Japan giving foreign aid upsets the Japanese = evil narrative in his tiny little mind.

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The new foreign aid charter, revised for the first time in 12 years and approved by Abe’s government, also extended official development assistance to richer nations.

What is the point in extending developmental aid to "richer countries"?

Oh and Japan is still going to be pilloried in the press (foreign) for sending money instead of boots, if and when the need arises.

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allow funding of non-military operations of other country’s ARMED forces??

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Every week is a new step down the slippery slope.

It's intentional and it's called normalization.

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What is the point in extending developmental aid to "richer countries"?

It could be in the form of cheap loans, etc.

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Every decent minded country should be contributing in some way to world security, whether that be cash , arms, boots on the ground or bandages and popsicles, the world needs all contributions and contributors.

I see china only interested in throwing money at resource rich places so they can pilfer its oils and minerals.

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Will these new guidelines for extending aid slide down the proverbial slippery slope to emulate long-standing practices of the US ally,ie., the training of police and security forces, the sale or purchase of instruments of torture, equipment for crowd control, or suppression of populations, training counter-revolutionary forces and other forms of aid and comfort to suppress democratic movements in some of the world's most notorious dictatorships and authoritarian regimes? I fear that Abe as head of a party that is neither liberal nor democratic will make Japan a less safe place to live as a result of his future foreign adventures.

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"Japan approves aid to foreign troops' non-military operations"

What? Like supply towels and water bottles for the U.S. inter-branch volleyball tournament?

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The government says its aid is only for such purposes as post-disaster rescue. Let’s say trucks or helicopters were bought under such programs. The problem is it is impossible to make sure they are used only for such purposes,” said Yoichi Ishii, professor emeritus at Kanagawa University

Professor Ishi is absolutely right. Once aid (money) is given, it's all up to its receiving-end to use it for whateverway they think is necessary. This so-called foreign aid could very well end up helping its receiving-end kill innocent people abroad. Like someone says, with Abe as head of the government, it's all downhill from here.

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Japan revised its foreign aid charter on Tuesday to allow funding of non-military operations of other country’s armed forces

what for?

as part of its drive for a bigger role in global security.

Of course!

All statements are true, if you are free to redefine their terms;

Any statistics can be extrapolated to the point where they show disaster;

A can always exceed B if not all of B is counted and/or if A is exaggerated

Thomas Sowell, The Vision of the Anointed: Self-congratulation as a Basis for Social Policy

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Abe's argument is always unrealistic. What kind of military would accept "non-military aids" from a foreign government?

This is his foot-in-the-door tactics based on most unrealistic imaginary situation to get through what he really wants to do. Same tactics as when he got through the collective self-defense.

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How about approving Jietai to join a coalition of the willing to wipe out Islamic State? No good?

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This is military aid, period.

Let's say A country has $1 billion for its security issues, and they budget this into $200mil for weapons, $200mil for equipment, $200mil for soldiers, $200mil for logistics, and $200mil for humanitarian relief.

Then lets say Japan donates $200mil (just a random number) for humanitarian relief. Does this now mean the country now has $400mil for humanitarian relief? Really? More likely they will they still allocate the $200mil originally budgeted (thank you Japan) and then use what they would have used elsewhere.

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So, having the Japanese military joining a coalition of the willing to wipe out Islamic State's ability to wage war is no good?

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Oh No this is really bad , it does not matter if it's just aid the terroist's now will target japan now for sure, haruna and goto died because of that now japan makes it official, that puts japanese in danger , good job abe

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... and how is this a change? Japan has been funding the U.S. military for nearly half a century. They pay for the oil for U.S. carriers, the upkeep on U.S. bases in Japan, and give a large "no questions asked" cash donation to the U.S. military every year.

Or are we to believe that before this time the Japanese donations to the U.S. military were illegal?

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The ole' checkbook policy again. Japan can make it sound pretty and humanitarian, but in the end it is what Stuart hayward says.

Thumbs up to Stuart.

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Playing on words, not convincing at all.

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TR, naughty, naughty, journalistic licence cannot be an excuse for mischief making hyperbole. My Great Grandmother would reach for the carbolic soap, mouths would be washed out for such insinuation. Non military aid, as Yoichi Ishii, professor emeritus at Kanagawa University, knows full well can only be utilised for non military purposes, the giveaway is 'disaster relief should be considered on a case-by-case basis'.

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After looking at the various comments on here in my mind Japan is rolling their dice here on foreign aid. But if given to the right people for the right cause, there should be no worry.

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Global security is important, especially in the light of China's aggressive posturing vis a vis Japan. But, it need not be so. Today, the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission (USCC) published an assessment on the weaknesses of the PLA in any future military conflict. These weaknesses are many, ranging from logistical debilities to insufficient strategic capabilities to deficiencies in naval air defense and antisubmarine warfare, as well as qualitative shortcomings in such domains as space and cyberspace.

In the final analysis, the PLA appears incapable of conducting information-centric, integrated joint operations, which are required to fight and win any sort of war under “informatized” conditions,” such as will be required during the Battle of the Senkakus in 2017. In that conflict, the Japanese war machine will inflict massive, even existential, damage to the PLA’s outdated command structures, specifically in the PLAAF and the PLAN, thus “breaking the back” of the PLA itself and bringing about the dissolution of the CCP.

Until then, the economic and politically oppressive conditions prevailing in China will be sufficient to sap the will of the Chinese people for any future adventurism, empire-building and military overreach. Disintegration of the PRC has permanently set in, with the colonial territories already demanding self-rule through terrorism. This latest version of the Middle Kingdom is already crumbling into its constituent parts, including the new Han countries of the Yellow River Federation, the Yangtze People’s Republic and the Oriental Pearl.

The inability of the PLA to conduct any sort of regionally based war is well known to most analysts, both in and out of China. Since future progress of the global economy through the 21st century is dependent on the cooperation of all its member states and since the PRC has proven itself unwilling to abide by the existing structures in providing world-wide material benefits to all peoples and nations, it has become necessary to terminate the CCP.

Xi has been summoned to the US under IMPERIAL COMMAND. He is coming to the EMPIRE to be told to remove himself from all positions of power and to remain simply as the powerless figurehead of China. He will either do this...or China will die with him. If war should come because of his arrogance and intransigence, the may the Han, the Tibetans, the Mongolians, the Uyghurs, the Manchurians, the Hong Kongers, the Taiwanese, the Macauans all live well and prosper after the trial and execution of that most foul dictator, Xi Jinping.

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