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Diet adopts resolution on China human rights issues


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The wording of the resolution proposed by a bipartisan group was reportedly watered down after lengthy discussions

aka the famous 'concensus'

-4 ( +10 / -14 )

Japan is starting to look like the US having other people bring their problems within this only causes division.

4 ( +17 / -13 )

On Hong Kong, Japan has repeatedly expressed "grave concerns" over the former British colony's electoral system

People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones... I for one have grave concerns over Japans electoral system

-1 ( +20 / -21 )

Yawn. ...So, why did it take so long?

6 ( +15 / -9 )

Japan joining the bandwagon. Will they go into countless meetings to decide if they send their deepest "urges" or a more watered down urge?

-5 ( +11 / -16 )

Anything to distract from the issues at home -- especially with human rights and labor trafficking being in the spotlight in Japan of late.

-5 ( +16 / -21 )

Another show. Why is this more important than the mental health issues plaguing Japan now? Priorities are so muddled up here.

-15 ( +7 / -22 )

Anyway, it is better than nothing. Most countries can't say anything to China.

16 ( +22 / -6 )

Nothing more than virtue signaling at the country level and frankly looks funny coming from Japan. They haven't made peace with their own violent past, yet they expect another country to admit their own wrongdoings and change course.

-13 ( +9 / -22 )

From Japan’s perspective, it has done well. The goal is to show support for the US and its allies and continue to trade with China. The same with Myanmar. Best of both worlds.

-8 ( +3 / -11 )

Interesting, one step forward so I hope it will not be followed by 2 steps behind in the following weeks.

-6 ( +1 / -7 )

This seems...extremely wishy-washy? They want to get on the US's good side by showing some gesture of censuring China, but they want to stay on China's good side to get all the benefits that goes with it. I

Hell, I am a communist and I would sooner see them join the anti-China bandwagon rather than trying this awkward straddling of the middle ground. At least they'd be consistent.

Experts have estimated that more than one million people are incarcerated in camps in the Xinjiang region home to the minority.


-3 ( +5 / -8 )

Pot calling the kettle…yawn.

-7 ( +5 / -12 )

This is really interesting,so we have a country that is concerned about another for human rights.

But the country that made such statement against the other has a full ban of foreign people to enter in it’s country,immigration centres where people are abused and even die,police forces that harass and question visible minorities just for doing nothing and a corrupted and rotten electoral system which favours only one political side and a huge revisionism about the past aggressions.

And there is even more,the typical Tatemae to show to the world how good they are.

-3 ( +7 / -10 )

Hunan rights?

So Japan will cancel it's purchase of Saudi oil next week?

Nothing to do with human rights... Just a smoke screen against China's economic power they can not compete with

5 ( +8 / -3 )

Japan should improve on their human rights to all foreign nationals in Japan first.

3 ( +6 / -3 )

Every one agrees that China actions in the Xinjiang region and other areas such as H.K are unacceptable and must improve, but China is NOT the only nation doing it, western nations and their allies are no different. Human rights abuses including mass killings, land theft, brain washing, imprisonment of women and children, property destruction are some of tools used by NATO, Russia and others in Iraq, Syria, apartheid Israel, Iran, Egypt, Myanmar, Thailand, South Africa and the list goes on and on. China must have learned from it's accusers.

-1 ( +2 / -3 )

Though far for perfect, China wouldn't get into a top 20 world human rights violators list. Many of Japan's friends and allies are far worse.

1 ( +3 / -2 )

Every one agrees that China actions in the Xinjiang region and other areas such as H.K are unacceptable and must improve, 

No, not everyone agrees. I feel pity for the intelligence of those who believe this lie, but I realize it’s the media. The media wants sensations to drive viewership and nothing creates sensation more than conflict or stories of real or made up “atrocities”. How many Uighur babies have been dropped onto the floor of these concentration camps where they use vibrators to shock and sterilize Uighur women systemically? Uighurs are being slaughtered every day yet we all just sit and scratch while the world just goes on. Right.

The Western media shares goals with the military-industrial complex. Both need conflict to make profits, so when there is no conflict, they’re quick to make up stories that end up causing hate and conflict. The people are innocent but don’t think. The media and military-industrial complex, being effectively unregulated, are the content creators.

1 ( +3 / -2 )

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