Diet approves post-Brexit trade deal with Britain


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Good stuff. Now the Japanese can get their chops round jellies eels, Stilton, cheese and onion crisps, Branston pickle and Cadbury’s curly-wurlys

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This is the kind of trade deals that should be done post the lessons of the last two decades.

The WTO is tainted by the CCP and completely ineffective, global or block of nations deals is against freemark trade. Or more to the point pro-China (even if China is not a part of it).

Free nations have to trade more with each other because we could never trade fairly with totalitarian China and its slave labour, state subsidies and state sanctioned environmental destructions.

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Does this mean duty free limits will increase?

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Scotch eggs! Real Ale! Hagis! Burberry! Vaccines!

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Another useless piece of paper for self serving politicians

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The WTO is tainted by the CCP and completely ineffective,

Huh? That's a new one. The WTO ruled against China and for the EU recently on steel dumping. It was a very big deal. The nation that has deliberately hobbled the WTO is the US, not China.

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