Diet begins examining bill to release asylum seekers


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Yes, release them. Release them back to their own countries. How many "safe" countries did they cross to get to Japan? The vast majority are economic refugees looking for easy money and a better life. Nothing wrong with that. Just follow the rules and procedures and stop the asylum nonsense.

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Mr Kipling, a heart is that pounding thing on the left side of your chest

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robert maes, it's great to have a heart, but you need a brain as well, the important thing is to find the right balance.

People who want to open Japan up to 'asylum seekers' (inverted commas because those who most need asylum are not likely to be the people that can afford plane tickets to Japan) must say how many they would allow in.

A million per year? Two million per year? There are hundreds or millions who would like to come. And if you go over your set amount and start refusing people, would you consider that heartless?

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Send them back. What will they do here if released into society. No job, no home, no friends or family, no money, no language skills, no cultural understanding. Where I live people don’t lock their doors, shops have unattended products on the street, nobody locks the cars and leaves valuables on the front seat.

I'm not saying this with a cold heart. I was deported from Japan, at my own cost. But I followed the rules and came back.

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I agree with the majority here. It appears most are simply economic migrants seeking the high salaries and excellent living conditions of Japan. Unless they are likely to be executed, its best they are assisted to return home.

Japan does not want to end up like the EU, USA or UK.

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Crime will rise.

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Stuff them in airplanes and send them to their home countrys. That's how Europe is doing

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Japan does not want to end up like the EU, USA or UK.

Japanese leadership have continued to be good stewards of their nations interests and cultural heritage. Europe and the US have not. I suggest Japan contact Canada and Germany. These two nations are the best at virtue signaling on the topic of illegal immigration and refugees.

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Somebody must tell these people Japan is not a white country.

Everything in this place is either 〇 or X , there is no talk between the lines, nothing you can do to touch people's heart here, I'm growing tired of telling the same thing to these people whichever detention center I visit. Married to a japanese/have a child: ok you have a chance. Writing a book full of kind words trying to convince japanese officers: pure waste of time.

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Yes, release them! But back to one of the safe places they step foot on before arriving here!

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Japan welcome to the club of first world countries. Rights with responsibilities.

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Yes, release them and send them to Turkey. From there on they can advance easily, legally or illegally, to Greece. The real paradise of democracy. Thιs paradisaical democracy accepts people (refugees, economic migrants, asylum seekers, criminals, etc.) from all over the world and from every walk of life. All migrants in Greece receive a monthly amount from the EU, free housing, WI-fi and free Greek lessons. There are some covid-19 restrictions though but nowadays this is the norm in every country.


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keep people in detention is nonsense.

let these people become fine members of society, give them a chance.

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