Japan, Philippines discuss China's new air zone


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I am suspecting that China, while obviously planning to declare a similar ADIZ over the South China Sea, may not rush into it now since they got so much unexpected objection from the whole world. Historical Chinese MO would be to keep the ECS ADIZ in place but do not enforce it. And when everyone begins to get used to it as being "harmless" then declare an ADIZ over the SCS. Again keep in place, listen to everyone's objections, and do nothing until everyone get's used to it. Then when one day China becomes good and ready to enforce it, it will effectively have taken control of both seas.

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Shinzo Abe's Japan, struggling to get support from other ASEAN countries and insisting that no one has forgotten Japan's 2nd World War atrocities, is going to realize to its total ' disbelief ' that no one is listening. The Philippines is but another animal; preferring the company of its former colonialist and offering its women's servitude to the Americans. They however do get paid for their services unlike the Japanese forced conscription of Korean women to serve its rabid Japanese soldiers during the war.

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always ask for other counties to seek againest other county, is this for the peace? Who will believe this?

If China so bad, why so many nations build the relationships with China? If you keep saying it's all because China achieve this through money, who will beleive this except Japanese, I mean how reach is China to make all other nations to againest their will to make friends with China?

So the conclusion is abviously.

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I have no words for China's cockiness and audacity Oy vey ! it will be it's downfall.

Chinese cultural genocide against the people of Tibet, enroachment of India's Kashmir mountains and now they are grabbing shoals and islands in the Pacific (from sea and air domain).

Bad China, bad.

One thing for sure a number of China's corrupt communist party elitist are preparing to jump ship out of China and heavily investing secretly in foreign properties (England, Canada and U.S). to stash their billions of dollars and their families,mistresses to Escape the 2nd Great Leap of Beijing which is the purging as soon as it heats the fan.

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I understand Abe and the LDP must put up a front against China and not to show weakness if they wish to continue to rule Japan. However, this anti-China methodology is failing miserable on all counts and its slowly affecting Japan in more ways than it realizes. First, if China didn't care about Japan, Korea, and US's protests on ECS's CADIZ, why would China care about the Philippines when China setup its SCS's CADIZ?

Its a matter of when, not if. And if anyone paid attention to China's stance, it just doesn't care, even with Australia, its most favorite trading partner. Wang Yi basically told Bishop to shut the hell up face-to-face in front of all the media.

What good can a corrupted and disaster ridden Philippines do with Japan? Other than asking for more assistance and money? They can't even secure the most basic needs of its own people on its main islands. What can the Philippines to to the disputed islands? Ask for help again? Cry to US much like Japan which yielded exactly nothing?

Second, what exactly did Biden do to help Japan? Nothing. And he made things worse for Japan where he basically acknowledged the CADIZ existence. And what made it worse is the LDP is turning Japan into even more extreme. Which can't bode well with Japan and the Japanese people's pacifist stance as a peaceful nation.

Third, this beef with China is costing Japan much more than its people realizes. It will change the way of life of the Japanese if the national discourse is continuing towards the "right" direction. Give it s few more years and you might turn into something you really don't want to repeat. This change in discourse is clear as day. Higher taxes, more power to the gov't, more debt on stimulus, and more discretionary power for the PM are all signs of consolidation toward a big gov't. That's not how Japan should be run. This type of conservatism is the antithesis of US's own conservatism which preaches small gov't and decentralized power.

Japan's change is basically a power grab. A turning point into facism. Many of the smart and intelligent people in Japanese are seeing and realizing it. Maybe this is what China wanted in the first place. And its not too late for Japan to get back to the "correct" direction.

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highball7Dec. 08, 2013 - 11:20PM JST Japan's change is basically a power grab. A turning point into facism.

You mean like The Peoples Dictatorship of China has been for the last 64 years?

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By your own post, I think its a huge stepback if you are comparing Japan's change to a communist China in the past 64 years.

Just because China is a oligarch doesn't mean Japan should turn into one. Looking at how weak the opposition parties are in Japan and how dominant the LDP is in Japan. Is there that much of a difference in how the Japanese gov't is being run while comparing with the communist in China at this point in time?

With how Japan is leaning towards and how China is evolving through these years, it is crystal clear that one nation is heading into a better direction than the other.

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