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Japan pledges $200 million in aid for Palestinians


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Glad to see that Japan will give help to the Palestinians. I hope more countries help them so that they can repair the terrible damage that Israel has done to them. Finally, the rest of the world can now see how they have been treated. They have land taken from them, their homes and buildings razed to the ground, their water wells poisoned and there fruit orchards ruined.

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Here's an idea: Japan take care of your own people. The Palestinians are not the responsibility of Japanese taxpayers.

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I don't understand why Japan gives such a large money to Palestine? Japan is suffering from enormous debts. I wonder if Japan gets something in return from Palestine?

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Stupid idea. The PLO were despicable terrorists who murdered innocent people, but now Japan wants to be friends with the PLO's new organization and give it money - but not give any money to the people the PLO killed.

And maybe Israel should give $200 million to the Tokyo subway sarin gas attackers, would Japan be happy about that?

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Here you go, wasting good money down the black hole.

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Previous aid to the PA mostly wound up in Yassir Arafat's numbered bank accounts. Has Japan attached any conditions that the recipients will be expected to show evidence that the money is going to things like education, infrastructure, agriculture, development, etc?

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Hey, that money is needed HERE IN JAPAN. I don't want to pay higher taxes so japan can throw money at other counties problems.

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Japan is supporting terrorists now. Here is news, Palestine was never a country or a people. Do some history research. Those supporting the war against Israel will fail. Japan is going down under Abe. Japan has chosen to make Israel their enemy. Nothing good will come of this but nothing good comes of anything Abe does.

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And just the other day Israel was replacing the damaged Anne Frank books and praising Japan. Lol

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Which useful idiot(s) made the decision to give away the hard-earned money which was extorted from the taxpayers to be given to an undeserving and most-likely utterly corrupt association?

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Fumio Kishida's clownish face never fails to bring about much mirth and humour. If one cannot gain international respect and recognition simply pay for it. Using people's money to bribe other countries in the attempt to gain recognition is a sign of abject failure. Is Japan that rich to keep on paying bribes like this?

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To those accusing Japan of wasting taxpayer's money. Recent news--------------------------------------------------------------------

Japan is to give $60bn to the International Monetary Fund's effort to expand its resources, pledging to lead the global effort to ... Only since February, when the Bank of Japan weakened the --------------------------------------------------------------

Would you rather see $200 million help displaced and persecuted people or send billions to the IMF ?

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Good for Japan for a change.

" Palestine was never a country or a people." Phrased somewhat differently, the same was said about the Jews.

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They shouldn't give them a single yen. Spend that money on Japan.

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