Japan pledges $27 mil in fresh aid to Ukraine neighbor Moldova


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Help your own people first instead of doing democratic skits with other countries..

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Moldova is a postage stamp size country next to Ukraine, unknown to the world. Japan is extraordinarily good to send Moldova aid. The publicity from Japan's noble action will encourage other nations to send aid to Moldova.

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Another waste of Japanese taxpayer money. The Moldove politicians will most likely pocket the money.

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Again, Japan is attempting to take credit for the noble actions by Moldova. That was Moldova helping Ukraine, not Japan! Either do your share, or stay away, Japan!

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Told you! As soon as they announced that they will double the defense spending to 2% of GDP but will have no way to pay for it except raising taxes or reigning in spending, they go and donate millions and millions to other countries. So, guess what it's going to be when the "We don't have any money" excuse comes in the near future? And they'll STILL give money to other nations over stuff that does not concern our people here.

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When Republicans cut off aid,this enabling will stop and Ukrainain will start making decisions for themselves,if someone gave you more money than you ever had,would you milk them for all it worth

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ridiculous japan, printing fake money and pretending to be hero....

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what smith and indigo said

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Kishida said the aid, supporting the areas of health, food, energy and gender,

Kishida is so desperate he will say anything to obtain a better approval rating.

Raising prices and taxes isn't helping us domestically though is it.

Double standards again.

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