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Japan pledges $6 bil aid to Middle East ahead of G-7 Summit


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Japan has pledged $6 billion in fresh aid to the Middle East to prevent violent extremism and stabilise the region, ahead of next week’s Group of Seven summit which is expected to address global hotspot issues such terrorism.

While I admire this initiative, I wonder why there doesn't seem to be enough money for reconstruction in disaster areas in Japan such as Fukushima and Kumamoto ? I was always taught "charity begins at home"...

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Too many 'attachment files' to G7 summit. Whether Middle East aid or Brexit, totally irrelevant.

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Being a G nation has its prize. You have to march with the others.

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Amazing how the Japan gov't has $6 billion to throw at the Middle East while Japanese people have to put up with a shortage of doctors, nurses, etc.

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Sending money to Middle East is like flushing the money down the toilet. Why not help out Fukushima and Kumamoto and stop acting like a rich man Japan.

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Will this make the terrorists less inclined to behead Japanese citizens?

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Japan offered (pledged) the same amount to rebuild Iraq after the 2003 invasion by US and UK. The invasion began on 20 March 2003, with the U.S., joined by the United Kingdom and several coalition allies, launching a "shock and awe" bombing campaign. Iraqi forces were quickly overwhelmed as U.S. forces swept through the country.

To this day there is not much electricity, hardly any running water blah blah, so what are they doing pledging this amount again which will never be paid?

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So far it's just a pledge. Many pledges for donations at international donor conferences were never fullfilled. And I would like to see some details about this pledge. Quite certain that there will be some conditions on that. Like the reconstruction work has to be done by a japanese company or with japanese machines involved, etc.

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save the money for its own citizen

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The support was designed to tackle root causes of problems in the Middle East, including refugees it said.

Ah refugees. Japan's greatest fear

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Fukushima and Kumamoto will or got money budgeted. Gov't is always suspicious of embezzler that it does not hand out. Morey, Probably cashing From money it has beenlending to USA for years. It likes to pretend it is poor.

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So that's a total of 12 billion going out of Japan within one month while Kumamoto earthquake VICTIMS are still living out of cars!!!!!!!! Shame on you Gov of Japan!!!!

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And once again, our money goes out while people in Tohoku STILL rot in shelters, and the government claims we may very much need to raise taxes again because there is no money to pay for social services as society ages. The disconnect level is truly astounding -- and all so these guys can pat themselves on the back and ask the world to do it before the others are sent home and they start the fear mongering again.

Shame on the government!

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Not your money, that is sure.

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Many countries actually do a pledge, but in reality it was never fullfilled actually, so just relax, the money is safe yaa...

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