Japan pledges to reduce plutonium, but doesn't say how

By Mari Yamaguchi

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Japan is very unique: plutonium isn't radioactive and guaranteed safe.

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All that plutonium never destined to be used-really?

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@kurisupisu - it was planned for using it in MOX (plutonium enriched uranium based buclear fuel), based on the reprocessing, but has never really taken off here, Reactors must be modified for a MOX load, and relicensed. In theory, MOX based reactors could use the reprocessed waste from conventional reactors, so they would never need uranium again. Lots articles available on MOX and the reprocessing cycle.

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Japan is only second two Trump in vowing to do things but refusing to say how. Abe still hasn’t explained how he’ll fix the economy, etc., so it’s no surprise they’ve made a promise here with zero explanation as to how they’ll realize it.

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No plan, no time line, no idea....situation normal.

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They don't explain how because they know they don't have to explain how...because the Japanese media is so meek that they'll never push them on it in the future.

You see this all the time in Japanese politics - they just say stuff that never happens, and no one ever holds them to account over it.

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They'll sell it to India after they have built the nuclear plants there. Just spreading the joy!

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Typical J - institutional decision - set some fuzzy pie in the sky target without any kind of a roadmap of how to get there. Get paid a huge salary to do it, ride off to a golden parachute amakudari heaven retirement somewhere and let the next bunch of guys worry about it .

Rinse and repeat.

Ain,t life sweet for the govt and N-village bigwigs.

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makes a few nukes from it problem solved.

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Usually we just throw it in the sea.

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The fact that Japan has 11 tons of plutonium serves as an effective deterrent against the rogue nuclear powers in East Asia.

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I believe it is 30+tons.

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One must remember that to declare by proclamation or by resolution is administrative level decision made to give "direction" toward an objective.

The actual "how" and the specifics are for the operational personnel to plan, program and institute. Therefore, for most government action, it takes time for such specifics to come out.

Obviously, Japan is not like the USA and do not have Trump who actually does declare and have plans and specifics prepared and in mind. That is because unlike Japan where legislation must follow and policies and procedures prepared, Trump has a certain level of autonomous authority to take action. That is called executive order.

And unlike the USA where advisor propose and explain to allow the President to decide and put into action, Abe and his cabinet must work within the group decision making process (consensus) of his party where there is much less sunshine. Then he must get the legislators to legislate action.

Therefore, to "expect" any detail for the objective declared is somewhat unreasonable. The key is that the declaration was to show "intent".

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