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Japan pledges Y750 bil to Mekong nations as China prepares new bank

By Kiyoshi Takenaka

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i have to be honest that out of all those around china countries that could have the greatest economic gains are india, pakistan and bangladesh. simpl lots of people to employ and lots of resources to get hands on. but its good china is helping the region at developing in faster pace. oh and i ve never heard japan mention about environment when aiding people

high-quality and environmentally friendly infrastructure projects

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Japan should stay far away from the TPP and man up and join the AIIB, and get a chance to gain from all the infrastructure construction that is going to happen in S Asia in the next couple of decades. Japan has not joined to US pressure, and maybe if China understands this, Japan can join later without any problems.

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I thought we were broke?

Still no doubt there will be all due oversight to make sure this money is properly used, and none of it disappears into the pockets of corrupt politicos.

I'm probably worrying overmuch. Whoever heard of bad governance in Laos, or Cambodia, or Myanmar? The very models of immaculate trustworthiness.

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ahhh...Fukushima still forgotten. Poor people. They need to get angry.

I bought Fukushima peaches today. Excellent.

Why are my taxes being spent overseas?

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¥750bn here, ¥600bn there. Meanwhile, the country is goimg bankrupt. But hey, who's counting?

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Sweeteners, so they can get their ODA sponsored highways (aka; logging roads) and dams built by Japanese construction firms - deeper into the rainforests there.

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So, explain to me again why there's no money for pension?

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So, they have all this money to give to other nations, but we're told that taxes here have to go up to cover costs because there is no money?

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What is Abe trying to do?

Beat GW Bush in the "how to bankrupt your country" stakes?

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it never work when you do things in reaction, Japanese should have their own policy ahead of china, which they do not have, what they do? they just chasing china

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Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam all have strong economic growth potential, and are promising destinations for Japanese exporters of railway systems.

Said without the slightest hint of irony. Eric Lomax must be rolling over in his grave.

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@Zich: So your facts justify the increase in the sales tax as a regressive tax so money can be given to other countries and paid back slowly with interest?

That is shameful and an insult to all the rest of us here. Our taxes should not keep rising such as Kaigo, and food and other staples of life should not be taxed at all.

You write and express things as if you have a lot of spare change and it does not affect you. Lucky You, Abe and the others in charge name dropping and figure calculating. Congrats. Paint a pretty picture of it. Thanks

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A country like Japan that has hundreds of billions of Yen to give away to various countries and to host a summer Olympics doesn't have financial problems. No need to raise the consumption tax further.

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Where is the money coming from?

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Where is the money coming from?

The printing presses, of course?

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"According to the OECD the countries giving the highest amounts of ODA are 1.USA $32 billion. 2.United Kingdom $18 billion. 3.Germany $14 billion 4.Japan $12 billion. The EU gives the greatest amount at $87 billion."

And exactly where are China, Korea and Canada, the world's richest and most powerful nations on the entire universe????

Yeah, right they have their citizens and sympathisers living it comfy in Japain, yet badmouthing it on a daily basis.

"So, they have all this money to give to other nations, but we're told that taxes here have to go up to cover costs because there is no money?"

Japan can do whatever Japan wants with Japan's money. Especially if foreigners object to it.

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