Kishida's wife to make solo U.S. visit to meet first lady


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another recycled 'news' story.... still, that ways days ago, so.....

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Waste of money and the environment.

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Who cares? is this a privately funded trip ? I guess not.

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A private non-government visit is no one's business.

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Is she still going?

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The only part of this story of interest is who is paying for this jolly junket. Conveniently not mentioned?

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She will have to pay her own way. Like Abe did over his sakura party.

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trip to the United States at the invitation of a first lady,

Teaparty? BBQ? Seems to me Jill could just have come with Joe next month to Japan forthe G7 summit.

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Provided it’s not costing the tax-payer a single yen, then good luck to her.

Every unelected, private citizen has the right to travel wherever they wish.

Can’t understand why anyone would want to read about it, though….

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Let's just wish her well, no point in being negative. Three days to get away and help make new friends is good for relations.

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She's going there in her quality of what exactly? Nobody elected her husband in his position, nevermind her! :) . She is representing Japan in her official position of what exactly? Or is she going privately, in which case I couldn't care less? So many questions...

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