Abe's support rebounds after cabinet reshuffle


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I thought Abe will. be PM for three more years but if he does not make Japan poor, he will be pm for 6 more years.

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Many of those in the new lineup, which Abe dubbed the"result-oriented cabinet of professionals"

Should we then assume the previous cabinets you choose where a bunch of amateurs?

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What a joke! Like people even care about his cabinet. This is just spin to the highest degree. They call a bunch of old people and ask them a bunch of softball questions to get a positive result. How could anybody have an opinion on these people, they were just appointed and haven't done a damn thing yet! But I said to my wife when the new cabinet was announced that this exact report would come out very quickly to calm all our fears about poor old Shinzo.

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Welcome to the circus folks, we have a great line up for you, all the clowns as usual.

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Shows how powerful a tool media is.

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Wow I'm impressed. Its just like magic!

A reshuffle and poof...a nine point boost in ratings? Now its time to boost these imaginary popularity points (which I have never been polled for) and march on as usual toward article 9 right?

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"What's been asked of us is to firmly show results,"

As opposed to what, over the past few years? Did they want you not to? This is yet the same old "Abe vow this, Abe vow that" that he NEVER delivers on unless it is something no one besides himself and some ultra-wingers want. Oh, so now he's going to "revive the economy" again? How??

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Abe is in a tail spin. There's too much negative news surrounding him. The LDP's popularity is declining....watch out Abe, Yuriko Koike is becoming a lot more popular than you! I bet if she ever decided to take her party nationally, she'd have very good chance of becoming Prime Minister.

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Bit like McDonalds in Japan, release a new "special" "Limited" burger every month to get everyone to line up again for the next new thing, until a short time later they remember they are still eating McDonalds. Rinse/Repeat.

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Koike may be popular in Tokyo but Tokyo is not Japan. LDP will dominate Japan.

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Yes Toshiko, because a small group of farmers and JA hold way too much power.

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Abe seems to have the same degree of support that Trump has in the US. Why are people with such low support in power? What is wrong with the system?

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The ruling LDP government will never give substance to any pledges, or pledge any conceivable meaning to any promise.

It is important though for the public or society as a whole  to afford benefit of the doubt, as there is no alternative opposition to turn to. T

he economic expectations of a people will sooner or later need to be addressed.

47% are on a salary that cannot be considered as a living wage.

880 yen per hour is a travesty, if a business is prepared to pay their staff this wage there business is just not viable.

So these large corporations, convenience stores to name a few, are blatantly taking advantage of a local communities trust and conviction.

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" will revive economy, show results..."...... same air bubbles repeated ad nausea a million times over the last 5 years..meanwhile the average Taro feels no love from Shinzo and LDP. Except if Taro is a farmer worth 3 votes of course.

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if a business is prepared to pay their staff this wage there business is just not viable.

The business is only not viable if no one takes up the job offers, and they can't afford to offer to pay more.

Abe's job is to enact measures that will boost the demand for higher wage labour such that those businesses which are viable today offering low wages will not be able to compete with higher wage offering businesses in future.

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@gokai Russia and china have high support from their citizens. they are semi communist. democracy is a joke. red or blue choice only. and now, any 17 year old boy could potentially hack the results of elections, not to mention NSA etc.

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What further evidence is needed that the majority of people are thick, with the attention span of a goldfish? The chief crook is still in place, still unrepentant for doing favours for his mates, but is suddenly more popular after replacing one nutter with another.

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Hi fxgai, the economic debate rests upon productivity, and for business to have confidence that there supply chain can meet contractual quality at the agreed timescale. 

The long term effect of a salary related floating employees, within that supply chain depends on the secondary company employing a workforce that has a solid skilled dedicated workforce. All understanding a product dependent skills related manufacturing base.

The whole process in Japan is reliant  upon remunerating staff accordingly,  anything less  than 1600 yen per hour,  I would question that company ability to meet agreed timescales.  Then we look to offshoring.

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Japanese society is easy to forget problem.

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Why? He hasn't done anything. A standard "I'm sorry" and a pretend-shuffle and everyone's good? Come on..

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A cabinet shuffle? That's comic. Are there any other parliamentary countries where this works? I mean, do they do this in the UK for a boost? Before coming to Japan, I'd never heard of this. If this works so well, they should add a cabinet post for ice cream. They could pick a new "best flavor" every time they have a drop off in popularity.

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Disgusting, but effective in influencing the weak-minded.

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PM Abe is bound to regain his popularity rating in the coming months as there is no other leader of his stature to replace him in Japan as he is the most popular leader in whole of Asia which Japan should be proud of .No attempt should be made to derate him in the domestic politics through biased media opinion polls by opposing forces which do not want to see strong JAPAN playing its dominant role in Asian and world politics.

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@B.l. Sharma

I will do what shouldn't be done. I take it as my mission: Abe is spineless, feckless and clueless. He lied about his influence peddling and he has no sense of the lives of common decent people. So, there! It would be sad if Japan is so weak that it could only produce one "leader" of stature. If you had more faith in the country you'd believe this population of 127 million can produce at least several political options. Tisk tisk. I've more trust in the ability of the Japanese than you.

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