Abe departs for Mideast, with focus on energy, regional peace


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"focus on energy,..."

Get more oil at the best possible price"

"...regional peace"

Try to get all these Islamists to stop killing each other already.

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Learn about desalination from the brilliant job the Israelis do with it.

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Abe-san, please, please don't give away any more of our money!

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"Abe-san, please, please don't give away any more of our money!"

Even to the people in refugee camps such as Yarmouk?

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Project Travel to make voters forget how corrupt Abe is. Oldest ploy in the

political handbook. Funny that he thinks he can help out with the peoce process in the ME. Does he not know that Jared is on top of that right now. You know, Trumps

son-in-law. Trump has him working on a cure for cancer too.

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He might make a plea for the Saudis to stop killing civilians in Yemen but I doubt it....

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Gotta go! More money to give away!

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Welcome to the Arab States.

Japan is very important country for us.

I am glad that Japan wants to have greater political role in our region.

Japan deserves every good and is a strong country.

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