Abe pledges zero tolerance on sexual harassment


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He is pledging the impossible! Just as he has made countless numbers of other "promises" this too shall soon be forgotten, until the next time!

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Yep another "pledge" like the others he didn't even promise this time, the man has no control no leadership at all.

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Burning Bush

must realise that sexual harassment is a violation of human rights," she said.

I think they know that, but they don't care.

Japan has never been the human rights champion.

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senior people in positions of power, who might potentially carry out abusive actions, must realise that sexual harassment is a violation of human rights," she said.

Says Seiko Noda, who went to the Philippines to demand that Duterte remove the sex slave memorial from Manila seafront. If Ms. Noda wants to have any credibility in this matter why is she whitewashing history?


Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Tuesday pledged

Another day, another pledge. Lying Shinzo is so far beyond his sell by date it's almost comical.

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Zero tolerance? If this were the case, those found to be sexually harassing women should be removed from their positions immediately. I’m pretty sure he means is, we will try to stop it, but if it happens, we will apologize.

Abe is just a media stooge. How many times have we heard all these ‘pledges’ with no action to back them up. These courses are gonna cost a lot of money and the majority of participants will just sleep through them. They should make it a certificate course with a test. At least they might get a bit more participation.

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Aso doesn't believe there is such a thing as sexual harassment. Just women asking for attention. The number 2 is actually a number two.

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"Sexual harassment is a clear violation of human rights. It must never be tolerated," Shinzo Abe told a panel of ministers.

I for one would now just love to hear Abe give HIS definition of what constitutes "sexual harassment"

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Zero tolerance on all harassments and zero tolerance on your cronyism scandals, Mr. Abe!

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When you hear the words Abe and pledge in the same sentence, just tune out cause it doesn't mean ANYTHING.

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Yeah #metoo !!! #LiarAbe

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I pledge to have women in management and government at 30% levels in 2018."

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Zero Tolerence...as long as the person(s) accused aren't in his cabinet or close personal friends.

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Abe's had plenty of opportunities to condemn sexual harrassment before but has stayed silent. I wonder why he is starting now. This is a good article describing the attitudes toward sexual harrassment those in charge of Japan.


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The PM of expediency. This fella will try to champion anything to make himself look good. He is the head of a possie of cronies , trying to sell Progressivism?

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Aso doesn't believe there is such a thing as sexual harassment. Just women asking for attention. The number 2 is actually a number two.

Brilliant and clever comment.

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I think this article seriously questions his attitude to sexual harassment.


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If ABE meant business he'd set an example and bury that bureaucrat under the prison, that'd make the others think twice. Until he does that, its just words and nothing more.

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Abe is the guy who stopped his mate being arrested on rape charges. How exactly is that "zero tolerance" and why don't the Japanese "journalists" ask him about that?

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Good luck with this in Japan.

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It's a joke but not a funny one.

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More Abe lip-service vows, and he'll leave it up to others on how to enforce this "zero tolerance" policy. If he were serious about it, of course, he would get rid of Aso immediately. Has he done that? Has he fired all the other old codgers in Japanese politics that say women ought to stay home and make babies, or are better suited for certain roles (and not others) because of their sex? Nope? Of COURSE not! So, as usual, he's started off his promise with lies, and this is why Japan will never rise beyond near dead last in terms of equal rights; they sure do love words, but not actions.

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I pledge to have women in management and government at 30% levels in 2018

Exactly. Women make up 5% of leadership roles here. Elsewhere in Asia/the Pacific it's 23%. Japan is an outlier even in the traditionally patriarchal East. Not to worry, Womenomics, like Abenomics, is leading us all to a brighter tomorrow!

Abe: "I vow to eradicate sexual harassment"

Hand raised by an intrepid reporter, interrupting the bloviating platitudes:

"Do you mean by having troglodyte Aso remain in office? You don't think it sends any mixed signals, that your right-hand man made light of the charges against Fukuda from the word go? What was it he said again? 'There is no such thing as a sexual harassment charge.' This doesn't contradict your pretty words here today?"

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If serious then he better close down Ginza's comfort clubs...lol...because that's where too many gov't officials and business men hide from their families to pursue mostly attractive foreign females for comfort ? gimme a break. The entire male lifestyle in Japan is involved with sexual harassment of women including many of Abe's associates and friends,etc...how's he gonna change that ?

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One woman's "sexual harassment" is another's "OMG, I just got asked out on a date!" when the guy is deemed handsome or rich enough.

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Zero tolerance on sexual harassment, but if you want to fudge some documents we might have a little leeway there...

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Abe's worthless pledges are a sick joke.

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What exactly is the definition of sexual harassment?

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I really would love to hear what GanbareJapan has to say about this recent pledge of Abe's?

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As others have pointed out, neither 'irony' nor ' hypocrisy' seems to be a part of political discourse here ... or anywhere.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Tuesday pledged zero tolerance on sexual harassment, ordering senior officials to undergo training to prevent abuse after a scandal involving a top government bureaucrat.

Ha. This the equivalence of 'Robbing Peter to pay Paul' ... replacing sexual harassment with authoritarian-sanctioned power harassment.

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The first thing Abe should be doing is to fire Finance Minister Aso, who is utterly clueless on the issue as shown during his own man was accused of sexual harassment.

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