Abe says relations with China back on 'normal track'


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Back to normal means..? Building an artificial military base in SE Asian purely for military purposes on one hand. Increasing the military budget on the other. If this is normal may I have a look at abnormal, please? Might look good.

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Considering the amount of bickering between these 2 countries over the years I'd say normal track may not be a good thing.

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China is easing up on it's anti-Japan program...for now. Trade and economics will take a front seat while China and the US bang heads. Does it mean the PLAN won't be snooping around or giving up on the Senkakus. No. And they can turn that anti-Japan faucet back on in a flash when they want to.

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Perhaps this is one of the amazing achievements by uncle Trump!

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It is really a good thing for Abe returning to his normal. It was in his first term, Abe defined strategic mutual beneficial relationship with China. Japan is in critical time of history now, Abe could become a great PM if he would take Japanese interests into his heart and restore the relationship to its proper level.

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Back on normal track? Then there's no need to buy and install land-based Aegis missile batteries. The money can be spent on making life better for the people of Japan instead.

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Festival season is coming and Abe’s party election. He will privately visit yasakuni shrine and all hell will break loose again.

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