Abe set to win upper house majority: polls


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I tend to side with the detractors. No Abe is a good Abe.

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I'll believe that he reforms inefficient businesses and the agricultural sector when I see it. Those are the people (along with anti-democratic, weighted voting system) that keep the LDP in power. Up til now all we have seen is rhetoric and a massive borrow and spend.

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Liberal Democratic Party and Democratic Party of Japan, two parties that leads the Japanese Government but is there really democracy in Japan?

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There goes the neighborhood! With control over both the upper and lower houses there will be no stopping him and he and his cronies will do whatever they like. Welcome to the democratic junta of Japan.

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Well the media support him, so he MUST be popular? Policies aren't the issue after all.

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Ha. Well we/America voted in favor of Obama, the sheep rule

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it's ok let him practice with three arrows.

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Abe will win big ... but probably with a lot of support from outside his own Liberal Democrat Party.

Let's take Okinawa Prefecture, for example. From what I gather, the LDP is fielding a lone candidate while the New Komeito Party is throwing its support behind the LDP for the one seat up for grabs. Because the LDP has angered Okinawans because of its dealings on moving Futenma Marine Corp Air Station up north to Henoko, it is doubtful that many in its own party will vote for it. And there are too many other candidates from the opposition parties, which will split their vote and give them a low vote in the final outcome. However, with the powerful Soka Gakkai organization behind the LDP, in the name of New Komeito, it should be a shoo-in for victory. The SG has a huge membership in Okinawa. And if they vote the way their Tokyo headquarters want them to, then look for them to go with the LDP. Then if the LDP does indeed get its victory there, look for the LDP to say, "See, Okinawans voted for us ... and support us in our bid to move Futenma to Henoko,"

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watch abe pulling a 180 after he get what he's want.

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I look forward to being more ostracised and feared then before, apparently I have reeked havoc on Japan. And I deserve it all. As a History buff I am certain they will track me down and find an excuse to thrust me out. We are watching History in motion, best not be a part of it. Those who did in the past mostly have no positives from the experience.

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With all the derogatory comments on the JT forums about Abe, seems some of the commentators here must be a little out of touch with the real world. If he was 1/100th as bad as is made out here, he wouldn't get a single vote. But maybe Japanese voters have gotten tired of the malaise Japan has been in for the past couple of decades and are hoping for some real change.

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not much of an election if everyone feels there is no choice with a man of obvious negative intent. That makes a mockery of democracy

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Abe is working. Something weird

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Whose the other option?

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Incoming protest near you....

Turkey - check

Brazil - check

Egypt - check

Japan - pending

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