Abe to visit UAE, Jordan, Israel, Palestine from Sunday


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Tax payers : get your wallets ready.

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Better than actually doing any work helping the Japanese voter to “understand” and “cooperate” about his failed three arrows and increase in taxes.

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While others will enjoy their golden holidays in Japan , PM Abe will work hard during this period to promote Japanese economic interests Middle East countries and try to promote the peace process between Israel and Palestine .

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He will hold talks with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Tuesday evening before meeting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu the following day, the officials said.

May Abbas can take Abe to the DMZ of Gaza to witness burning tires, tossing of rocks and how the Israeli's resolve these issues. Would be an eye opener for Abe.

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When things aren't going well at home, try to boost your poll numbers with a trip abroad.

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I wonder if Mr.Abe will wear a little Jewish hat at the wailing wall?

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"Tax payers : get your wallets ready."

That shouldn't be an issue. Country leaders do foreign trips all the time, and it's no less important for a major country like Japan to do the same. Move along.

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