Kishida calls for more harassment prevention in SDF


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Why is this news?

Did Kishida make any new legislation, or assigned resources, or meet the victims?

Why doing nothing makes the news these days?

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Kishida is absolutely correct. Those found guilty should be hung from the rafters for all to see. In addition to such harassment being wrong on so many levels, it works against and disrupts the efficient functioning of the organization.

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what a joke!!! power harassment is part of Japanese culture!! will never change!

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Kishida calls for more harassment prevention in SDF

This is why Kishida gets the big yen.

It's is not like he commands the Self Defense Forces and is Prime Minister of the ruling party that commands the legislature that drafts laws.

It is so much easier just to call or urge for things like ending discrimination, harassment or fairer wages

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Kishida calls for more harassment prevention in SDF


Not naming names and not issuing severe cash penalties or major prison sentences aren’t enough?


how about making some major law changes and actually enforcing them for once?

never mind running to India or Ukraine or wherever he’s been the last couple of months.

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He "calls" but will anything actually be done about it? Will laws be drafted and implemented? Doubtful.

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Actions speak louder than words.

dont talk, just do sth

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More laws isn’t the answer, enforcing existing laws is.

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