PM contender Suga suggests overhaul of health ministry


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Sounds like a great idea - especially if you’re planning to set up more golden parachute positions for your friends and waste taxpayer money.

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Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, formed by merging the two ministries, now better be divided (back) into the two, one for public health; the other for labour.

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Sorry, can one not feel a sense of Déjà vu?

8 years and all the pledges and promises, year in year out.

Only for Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga, with aide Heizo Takenaka to gush………

Suga also told the Yomiuri it was essential to streamline the government's digital strategies, managed separately by each respective ministry.

"As working from home has become more common in the times of the coronavirus pandemic, I think it's evident that the government and private sector need to digitize," he told a news briefing on Monday.

Heizo Takenaka…

"I really hope Suga would push forward digitization and environmental sustainability, which together would eventually lead to regional revitalization," Takenaka told Reuters.

"It would be good to see something like a digital agency being set up, even if it's only temporarily," he added.

Working from home could/should have been fully implemented when Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga took office, centric to family friendly social policies.

This strategy could/should have underpinned womenomics.

Weasel words, all meaningless hot air.

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Let's see what's next. A week or two, at most. Many other things to be concerned with, disasters first.

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Election hasn't even been conducted yet he is acting and sounding like Abe is already out the door.

In all the years and PM's I have lived through, this time is really different and personally speaking, I dont like it!

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Also, centralize the process until one hub.

Less cost, less government, combine the process, work management etc

Less duplication.

Combine under a single development and maintenance structure.

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Just more talk with little substance to show people that he is different and is going to change things. Seen this a thousand times before.

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Why didn’t he do anything during his 8 years as Cabinet secretary?

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That young Mori chap would be ideal to head this sort of thing.

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I've learned that Suga went to night school or a school of continuing education to earn his college degree while working. This guy wasn't born with a silver spoon in his mouth and is more down to earth.

"As working from home has become more common in the times of the coronavirus pandemic, I think it's evident that the government and private sector need to digitize," he told a news briefing on Monday.

Digitalization? Sounds like a topic from around the turn of the century. Japan is behind and was in a similar situation as China in the 1980's. Remember Toshiba? The US imposed 100% tariffs on Toshiba for conducting transactions with a country that is not a friend of the US and forced a technology transfer on Toshiba. Sounds like Huawei to me. Japan once reigned in tech. Japan needs to get going on 5G.

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Let's see what's next

End of health insurance and American private health insurance companies allowed free access to 120million customers.

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First time I remember seeing this youngster smile.

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Suga, who urged women to have more children for the good of the country. Very German of him. A 70 year old right-wing politico with outstanding ties to corrupt and disgraced politicians. A fine choice to replace a failed PM with more of the same. As if he has a vision of any substance other than following the dictates of his predecessor. These old men were in office and responsible for the demise of the Japanese economy, they have spent a lifetime cinching-up a one party government and have only enriched themselves and their cronies. Spouting absurdities as policy, focused on such demented tasks as re-militarizing Japan. The failures inherent in the 2011 disaster, which is ignored and complete dereliction to create an alternative does not speak well for the future. No new generation of substance will follow as these pariahs and the institutions that sustain them produce more counterfeits and lockdown power to an elite who have no genuine aspirations to enact change in a world that is on the cusp of planet wide disaster.

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All areas of Japan's governments are far behind on digital services and everything computerised.

Until the governments national and local decide to fire all the old f...s that refuse to even use a PC nothing will change.

Working from home my wife and adult children find when their companies need something from the government the only choice is to go to the government offices

With much of their respective companies now downsizing the physical office and have most work from home the upper management is now realizing that nearly half the middle management mostly older men and some women don't even know how to use their emails and calendars even less spreadsheets etc...

Now that they can no longer just pawn off all the computer work to a young OL or haken from home.

All 3 if their companies have given ultimatums to older staff that were still using paper and fax to learn and use all the digital system tools by the end of this month or lose their jobs.

This was given 3 months back and the vast majority chose to quit or negotiate early retirement as opposed to learning how to use a computer correctly.

These are private businesses and it is an uphill battle, government bureaucrats are so entrenched, I am not very hopeful.

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OK the article title says Health system, does 3 short paragraphs mentioning health care, no substance and then moves on to 7 paragraphs on digitization.

Seems clear the article was more about digitization than health care system.

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Until recently the photos of Suga did not show such smiley faces.

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You don't need to make a new agency. Just tell your bureaucrats to make the move to digital from paper. They can figure it out.

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First time I remember seeing this youngster smile.

Showing your age mate. We have something called Photoshop this century.

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Maybe he could also suggest an "Overhaul" of Labour Laws and standards, Judicial system, Education, Voting Disparaty, Number of Bueuracrats, Politicians, Transparity on decisions made. JA, Nuclear Industry? He has a full plate to adress I think.

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Well not my position to say anything but japanese people should think about voting for the younger politicians rather than all these old people that have been in government for 40+ years and only know how to move things around and divert the blame from themselves it is getting the country nowhere from 20 years ago except an aging population and aging government.

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Split the ministry back into two. It was merged under the same concept but doesn't perform like most mergers. All in one ministries are full with problems. If you want effective services split it up into health and labour

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How about overhauling the LDP? No, wait, how about just scrapping it?

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Did you confuse LDP with Nippon Kaigi? Easy mistake my friend.

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