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Abe, Aso to avoid same meetings as precaution against virus infection


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It’s about time they had a strict retirement limit of 65 in the Diet...

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Mr Aso will have to curb his power naps during meeting times in case he misses something important...

You’re wrong, he doesn’t nap, he’s deeply focusing intuitively to what others are saying, that’s why he’s eyes are shut.

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Who would run the show? Have a slug in my garden probably do a better job. His mates not going to open a right wing kindergarten, vet school, and definitely not going to change artical 9. If I had a vote the slug gets it.

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Who would run the show is both were out for the count?

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Mull, urge and form a panel..not neccesarily in that order.

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Never trusted Aso. He literally talks out of the side of his mouth, like Dick Cheney.

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Man,I used to think Boris Johnson was useless but these two have just taken the biscuit for that.

Like others have said......that photo is very troubling.

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Why do multimillionaires who are nearing 80 continue to work?

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Stop holding meetings in person, meet electronically; better yet stop holding meetings and actually do something! Sorry that’s too radical for any politician.

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Ms. Koike has met with the PM again today to request a lockdown of Tokyo City.

Optics tell me there is a disconnect between them.

What is the total number of people who come into Tokyo on a weekday from Kanagawa, Saitama and Chiba?

One report said 2.1 million and another I saw said 3 million.

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dumb and dumber

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Surprised Aso even knows what is going on he sleeps so much in parliament

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So instead of face to face its fax to fax?

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If Abe snuffs it and we left with Aso as PM....

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On NHK news last night, the announcers proudly explained their studio distancing. Sat no more than a metre apart. No masks. Announcing away. I often find myself shouting at NHK news.

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How would you even tell if Aso is incapacitated?

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Oh god can you imagine if Aso was actually Prime Minister again

It's like one of the only things that's worse than Abe as PM

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Still no photos of the authorities practicing 2 metre distancing.

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I guess it would be too much to expect they use video or telephone conferencing, wouldn’t it? Especially when you consider the technology minister doesn’t know how to send an email.

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Who will nudge Aso to wake him up?

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It would do irreparable damage to Japan if these two intellectual titans were incapacitated by the virus at the same time...

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Buuuuuuuutttt Jiro and Johnny Tanaka still both have to go to work at the same time, on the same crowded trains, and they've been told it's no big deal and to keep working. Why are these clowns, who just nod off while "working" anyway, the exception? Having no one instead of them wouldn't make a difference... might actually help the country for a change.

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people mocked this photos in Sweden, but they got the job done, every country except Japan is following this country's lead, I don't need to mention the name of the country because it's very close from here, very close,

you two, wear a mask in the meetings so you can both be in the same place, at the same time,

no you guys are not batman and robin, not even close,

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why don't you wear masks in the meetings so that this kind of stuff don't happen here, avoid each other, if it's a critical meeting such as saving lives, maybe, just maybe , you guys need to think about the nation first , your safety second,

this is really a disgrace, i never saw this kind of comedy act anywhere, only in Japan, only in Japan,

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So social distance applies to aged politicians, who are so self absorbed they have forgotten about the general population. Makes sence in their world..

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jansob1Today 11:36 am JST

But If Abe and Aso meet the same people on different days, or even people who met the same people, it's pointless. And they are still jamming into packed rooms without masks or other precautions. It's only a matter of time before they get it.

Noplace for logic here mate.

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Gasp! Whatever would Japan without these two at the helm? Adapt? Innovate? Improve? NOT lose money?

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I can also nap, watch manga books, tell insensitive jokes at work, can I be 3rd in the line?

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If Abe is incapacitated, Aso is next in line to step in as the country's leader.

God help us, the human gaffe machine is on deck.

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Gosh, how much lower can Japan's gerontocracy stoop?

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Thats ageism! Think: Mugabe

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I think any avoidance with Aso is a good thing; one of the most useless politicians Japan has ever seen

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Mr Aso will have to curb his power naps during meeting times in case he misses something important...

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Abe, Aso to avoid same meetings as precaution against virus infection...And Akie get together meeting under sakura trees?

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I shudder to think what the consequences of Aso becoming PM for a second time would be.

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If Abe is incapacitated, Aso is next in line to step in as the country's leader

Which is why they should stick as close as possible together. They epitomize what is wrong with Japanese politics today.

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"If Abe is incapacitated, Aso who is already incapacitated is next in line to step in as the country's leader."

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"If Abe is incapacitated, Aso is next in line to step in as the country's leader."

Hahaha, so true.

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Hahaha, smart AAs.

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did it ever occurred to them that the country might, just might run better without both of them in the office.

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