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Kishida meets lawmakers, business leaders to finish South Korea visit


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People have a better chance of getting along if there's money to be made. The great equalizer. Looking at the photo makes me wonder when tying a cloth around our neck will go out of fashion. 50 years? 100 years?

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It was a good visit. It is now quite clear that Yun administration wants to develop a good relationship with Japan, KNWOINGLY THAT THERE ARE OPPOSITIONS WITHIN HIS OWN COUNTRY. Yoon has a good chance to become one of best Presidents in Korean history.

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but fell short of offering a new apology.

Mass media keeps repeating this as if Japan is refusing to apologize. Again and again and again. As if continuously repeating an apology is normal. It isn't.

They don't say that PM Kishida reaffimed all past J-gov statements including apologies.

Regardless, PM Kishida is boldly going forward in lockstep with, and together with President Yoon for a better future for both countries.

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