Kishida speaks about Fukushima water release with G20 leaders

By Katya Golubkova

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Next topic in G20 meeting, ensuring to other G20 leaders that Fukushima food are safe and they should import Fukushima food.

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Mr Irrelevant

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the impact it would have on people and the environment was "negligible."

This is a very subjective comment. There will be some impact but the impact is determined to be small by their standards. Let's wait six months and how bad the impact actually is.

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Is there an actual transcript available of what’s been said? Would be interested to see how well Kishidas message was verbalized to the G20 heavyweights, especially because it’s such a touchy subject and the concerns of the region are not completely unwarranted. No one knows for sure what 30 years of pumping this water could do and being tight lipped about it doesn’t help. Was it just a short generic statement of the obvious, or did he manage dive deeper and put the regions minds at ease?

As a keen follower of the Japanese ‘message’ and it’s effectiveness ( or sometimes lack thereof ) getting these ‘explanations’ right and communicating them to a foreign audience well will be absolutely key as the nations walks forward. It’ll take full effort and some savvy communication skills to get it right, on a range of issues and challenges, hope they rise to the challenge and don’t defer to their minimalistic tendencies.

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Mr. Kishida should actually Stop talking and the media should stop repeating and everyone will eventually FORGET.

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PSYPHOREToday  08:24 am JST

It's gonna take more than words to convince everyone the radioactive contaminated water is actually safe

Very true. Sciencey words, graphs and data cannot compete possibly compete against misinformation and falsehoods.

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Why? Why should Fumio Kishida Prime Minister of Japan think it important and necessary to speak to leaders of G20 nations of Japan's recent release of radioactive poisoned water into the Pacific Ocean?


If the International Atomic Agency has already told the world it is safe for Japan to release radioactive poisoned water filtered?

BUT How?!? does?!? one?!? filter?!? Poison?!? From!?! Poisoned Water!?!

With Newly Discovered Poison Proofing Gauze?

Anyway for Fumio Kishida Prime Minister of Japan to actually stand up and speak before G20 about the matter already reveals to the G20 and to the World that he has a very ! very! guilty conscience.

Fumia Kishida Prime Minister of Japan has given himself away.



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If Kishida keeps repeating that Fukushima were such a ‘safe’ place to be then he might be believed, in a couple of decades from now…

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Postscript to my recent comment:

And last week Japan Today showed a picture for all the world to see of Mr Kishida with a happy smile enjoying the piece of fish on his fork just fished from the Pacific after his release of the poisoned water into it.

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Mr Kishida sure likes to travel a lot. Perhaps he should visit Fukushima more often and take a swim at the beach near to Dai-ichi Plant.

That would help to towards our fears.

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PSYPHOREToday 08:24 am JST

It's gonna take more than words to convince everyone the radioactive contaminated water is actually safe

No, words are what will convince people, as they have done throughout history.

By "words," I mean truthful words derived from facts (such as the IAEA explaining that this release is safe - not "radioactive contaminated water"). And by "people," I mean people who actually want to know the truth, and are rational and mature enough to seek it out.

In contrast, baseless scaremongering for political reasons, such as we see from the Chinese government, will convince no-one except their already-converted acolytes. They are preaching to the choir, and only isolating themselves further from reality (which is probably exactly what Xi wants.)

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Japan's Govt and pro-Govt media have changed betrayal that perpetrators of Fukushima nuclear disaster trampled with agreement "dump nothing without understanding of sufferers including fishermen" to anti-China nationalism.

Japan has other practicable option such as increasing storage tanks but LDP Govt and TEPCO ignored it on the excuse of saving cost. Japan's Govt and TEPCO are emphasizing only tritium as if radioactive wastewater from Fukushima is same to drainage of other not-wrecked nuclear plants and they named it "treated water" deceptively but contaminated water from Fukushima still contain many kinds of radioactivity such as Strontium or Plutonium even after plural filtering.


Moreover they don't consider even bioconcentration risk at all.

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Mr Kishida should eat shashimi dinner in front 19 country leaders, that will be very strong argument to tell the world that Japanese fishery products are safe!

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elephant200Today 04:02 pm JST

Mr Kishida should eat shashimi dinner in front 19 country leaders, that will be very strong argument to tell the world that Japanese fishery products are safe!

He's already eaten sashimi from Fukushima. And still JT's anti-Japan contingent cried foul, as they always do:


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The reality of the current anti-Japanese activities against treated water in China and South Korea is full of unscientific lies and deceit.

Whether it's photos or videos, they are using completely unrelated photos and using footage from other places as if it were Fukushima. And this method is exactly the same as the method that China and South Korea have presented as evidence of atrocities allegedly committed by the Japanese military during the war.

And if you criticize it, they will even label you as historical revisionist (a liar) and disparage you without providing any evidence.

China and South Korea are the only countries that oppose treated water based on a non-scientific and emotional anti-Japanese stance.

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Talks should have been prior to the release and will continue on into the future. Actions should have been to concrete the entire process.

There was a reason he approved payment of 120B yen to the industry most affected by the release of deadly TRITIUM tainted water.

Of course he will not go swim in the waters near Fukushima. And he will not ingest tainted fish. And he will not outlive the harm that has been done.

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Alice DelandeToday 06:05 am JST

deadly TRITIUM tainted water.

Scaremongering nonsense. The amount of tritium in the water is six times lower than the WHO's drinking water standard.


The IAEA, which has a permanent office at Fukushima, said an "independent, on-site analysis" had shown that the tritium concentration in the water discharged was "far below the operational limit of 1,500 becquerels per litre (Bq/L)".

That limit is six times less than the World Health Organization's limit for drinking water, which is at 10,000 Bq/L, a measure of radioactivity.

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