Kishida visits Kyiv for meeting with Zelenskyy

By Natsuko Fukue

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Kishida is the last G7 leader to visit the war-torn country

Will he even bother to go there if other 6 leaders didn't go to Ukraine?

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a surprise visit

yet.... the speech is already written

He will express "respect for the courage and perseverance of the Ukrainian people" and offer "the solidarity and unwavering support for Ukraine of Japan and the G7, chaired by Japan," the foreign ministry said.

just more theatre!

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Wow, Kishidas makin moves! Savy politicking!

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Thank you PM Kishida for the show of support and solidarity with the people of Ukraine.

Japan and the civilized, free world are on the right side of history.

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Kishida is the last G7 leader to…..

as usual

hopefully he takes in all the sites the Ukraine has to offer. Take your time

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It has not offered military support, however, because the nation's post-war constitution limits its military capacity to ostensibly defensive measures.

"Defensive measures" is precisely what Ukraine needs. Japan is well placed with its defense forces centered around defense and Ukraine in desperate need of more defensive equipment, to send things Ukraine can use to defend itself.

Like defensive tanks and armored vehicles, defensive missiles and maybe some old Japanese made jet fighters for the defense of Ukraine skies. Japans defensive equipment could well be Ukraine's survival equipment. No excuses.

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Good for PM Kishida. The commenters here don't realize that no post-WWII J-PM has visited another country that was at war. And the J-constitution creates obstacles for his security on sites since the JGSDF has no protocols for that sort of thing. So all considered, PM KIshida overcame obstacles that other leaders disnot have to face in order to make this visit, at the invitation of Pres Zelensky.

Japanis firmly on the side of the democratic nations.

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instead flew to Poland, where he boarded a train to cross into Ukraine

After a year of promoting himself as pro-Ukraine, Kishida finally makes a visit. Well, better late than never.

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Being last isn't exactly a surprise. Good he went anyway!

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Must be voting season.

Oh yeah, it is.

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A cynic would think there is an election coming up or something.

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A cynic would think there is an election coming up or something.

Must be voting season.

At least two posts thinking Kishida is doing it for the votes. That must mean they realise the average Japanese citizen supports helping Ukraine, and that he can secure those votes by going to Kyiv to show Japans continued support for Zelensky and Ukraine. Interesting. If it what the people want, then he is doing the right thing.

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A cynic would think there is an election coming up or something.

And/or an upcoming summit with six other nations whose leaders have all visited Ukraine already.

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"Ukraine today may be East Asia tomorrow" At best, speculation, at worst, a lie, which may turn out to be as blatant as Bush's, Blair's and Howard's of Iraq in 2003. Such speculations? PMs should get into???

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| a surprise visit

yet.... the speech is already written

You thought a "surprise visit" is a surprise to everyone, including the visitor? That Kishida-san would just wake up in Kiev, thinking, "Ooh, Kiev, what a surprise! Damn, I came here empty handed, I should quickly write a speech!"?

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Kishida pledged, "solidarity and unwavering support," and he will keep this promise, right up until the moment when he is instructed otherwise. He even forwarded the propaganda line about China invading Taiwan!

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A cynic would think there is an election coming up or something.

And/or an upcoming summit with six other nations whose leaders have all visited Ukraine already."

Yes, that too. Would be bad optics for G7 host.

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Was Skype down? More pointless political theater coming up second best to Putin who dropped the mic when he drove himself around Mariupol.

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I would worry about the risk from Ukraine. Each time somebody goes there, they come back brainwashed and unable to think straight. This is petrol/rare earth war. Russia protected her market to be from USA and Europe. Crimea was always under her protection. And Crimea was targeted by nazi long before somebody talk about it because of Crimea.

Not a bad attempt at fiction. Although, as far as dystopian alternate history novels involving nazis go, I still prefer Philip K. Dick.

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Its very important now to pick a side. There is no in between.

I commend Prime Minister Kishida for making the effort.

A free Ukraine is on the horizon.

I stand with Ukrainians. Its time to put end to the Putin reign of terror and occupation.

To the good people of Russia. Please remove your leader and come back to sanity.

The world loves Russia and needs Russia but not it's current leader.

Rise up and take your country back.

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Like many orther leaders of nations helping Ukraine, Fumio Kishida is a hero. Japan ! Be proud of your great Prime Minister! Who even risked his life to make the trip!

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All the support for Ukraine. Aggression must not prevail. Thank you PM Kishida.

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Japanese leaders are the least helpful leaders in the world ,with solving international problems

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I am impressed by PM Kishida, slava Ukraini! He is picking a side and this time it's the right one ...

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Good move.

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The only reason he's gone there is because it would have reflected badly on him if he hadn't, when he's chairing the meeting in May and the others say "Oh, you mean you've not managed to visit Zelenskyy yet....."

PR stunt politics, Prime Minister Kishida bringing up the rear after months of considering and dithering. Still, at least it makes him feel important, whilst he enjoys his 15 minutes of fame.

Why doesn't he try something statesmanlike, for example calling on the UN to have Russia removed from its' Security Council, now that the mentally-deranged Dictator Putin has become the War Criminal Elect following his being served with the ICC warrant for his arrest .

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And that's about as much as your gonna get from Japan! Of course, Japan will be sniffing all over the place for reconstruction contracts. EG Tunnels, bridges, railways, sewers, maybe a high-speed railway, not to mention all those lovely loans. Probably at a much much cheaper rate than china. But, if you're looking for anything resembling a tank, bullet, gun, or even a helmet... You can get a lot of hissing, chotto ing, meetings, neck tilting, and ( of course you won't get a no), but you won't get a yes either. Anyway, everything is under "consideration", but the final decision will be taken when the war ends. A little late, but by then, Ukraine won't need anything more than reconstruction. Love the logistical excuse.... this must be code for....JAPAN ain't gonna lift a finger... except maybe the middle one.LOL But in a nice diplomatic way.

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Quick photo op time…l

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Mr Kishida. A visit is not enough. It should be followed by fighter planes and $$.

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