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Prime Minister Fumio Kishida Image: AP file

Kishida to undergo surgery for nasal congestion on Saturday


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Why is it news. It was the same for the emperor recently. No real need to share this information.

But probably better than no information at all when head of state are very seriously ill. There was a French president called Pompidou who worked until the day before his death . it was never announced publicly but obvious for everybody to see.

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Wishing the PM well.

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Manseifukubikōen 慢性副鼻腔炎 speaking from personal experience is a nasty and persistent condition. Much worse than the 'nasal congestion' is the constant fatigue and lack of energy...

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I can recommend tissue paper, as well as nasal spray to keep the nose clear from congestion.

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Who cares. Its not like your having open heart major surgery

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The beginning of the end of his tenure

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It's a pretty minor procedure and he'll be fine. I've had it before. He'll be back dithering at the helm in no time at all.

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It's a pretty minor procedure and he'll be fine.

Most likely so, but no surgical procedure is exempt of risk, so it is of value to report the surgery before it happens so in the very rare it gets complicated (which could cause him not to be able to fulfill his duties in the government for a while (or permanently in the most extreme exception).

If for any reason this was not reported and he ended up spending a few extra days in the hospital people would understandably be left wondering why a programmed procedure was kept "secret".

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It may provide him with a way out as Abe also quit twice due to health conditions.

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A stuffed nose can hinder clear thinking. He’d better get it fixed to better serve his people.

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Well maybe this explains why he can't smell all the guano that is floating around him.

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""chronic sinusitis causing nasal congestion""

Sounds very familiar, I got it but on one side only and it is a pain in the A$$.

Best of luck to Mr. Kishida, I might try it too now that I am learning about this surgery.

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One thing I've noticed about JP politicians - When the going gets tough, the politicos get going... to the hospital. No cameras and microphones there.

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Maybe they found Cancerous polyp in his nose,the lung are the only place that you get congestion

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This is more serious,they used balloon generally to open nasal cavity,but used scope to probe for Cancer Nasal Polyp

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Virus,maybe they looking for cancerous nasal polyps

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I could not breathe normally without using nose drops every few hours until had major nasal surgery in Stuttgart, Germany at age 25. On the operating table my head was placed in a metal clamp. I do not remember whether pain killers were used. I was told by the surgeon that I will feel repeated vibrations in my skull but not any pain. Before starting, he told me to close my eyes and I would not feel any pain. I closed my eyes and heard and felt my skull vibrate when he inserted a chisel in each nostril and hammered it a couple of minutes with what I now knew was a hammer. He must have taken out a bone or two. I now understood why there were two nurses beside me holding and massaging my arms and hands. There was no pain. But I was terrified. It lasted about 45 minutes and after my nostrils were each stuffed with a meter of gauze I was told to swallow any blood. I stayed in the hospital for two days and told to return after a week to have the gauze pieces taken out. That was the painful part on the operation. But I began to breathe normally and my health improved to maximum. I have not contracted any illnesses until today. Last week I received a letter from Mary Simon, Canada's Governor General to wish me a happy 93rd birthday. I wish I could today personally thank my German surgeon and the two German nurses who comforted me when I felt my skull vibrate and was terrified during the historic 1955 operation.

If Japan's Prime Minister Mr Kishida is to have a similar operation, I wish him every good wish and future excellent health that will surely help in his not-easy-job of governing a nation.

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Virus,maybe they looking for cancerous nasal polyps

Nothing to indicate this possibility as likely, sinuses related congestion is hugely much more common and the most likely explanation, specially for endoscopic surgery.

If Japan's Prime Minister Mr Kishida is to have a similar operation, I wish him every good wish and future excellent health that will surely help in his not-easy-job of governing a nation.

Since the procedure is described as endoscopic it is quite different from your description and much more delicate and with a much faster recovery,

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Honesty the endoscopic surgery can change suffers of nasal congestion quality of life beyond recognition.

A full nights sleep for all those residing in chez Fumio Kishida and possibly next door. 

Chronic sinusitis causing nasal congestion means noisey airways at night.

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Atmospheric pressure changes,has impact of sinuses,in America we usually have muggy days, followed by colder days which cause your nose to drain Google Atmospheric Pressure Sinus

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Breathing and movement are two indispensable characteristics of life. The body needs regular good air intake for good hhealth. When there is less good air breathed in because of nasal congestion one's health suffers. Mainly because of the lack of oxygen. Breathing through the mouth is unhealthy because the nostrils contain nature's filters of air.

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