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Prime Minister Fumio Kishida Image: REUTERS/File

Kishida to visit Philippines, Malaysia from Friday


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He would gain greater respect and kudos from the Japanese people by actually introducing policies which activate the sluggish Japanese economy, following plenty of due consideration and mulling of course.

Economic-boosting schemes to provide incentives to raise manufacturing, encourage growth in exporting excellent quality Japanese products to the world - the very things which made Japan a great economic powerhouse, albeit many years ago.

As for the proposed trip, this could easily be done over a couple of zoom meetings, a lot more efficient use of his time, especially as they all meet together next month anyway.

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Most important issue for him to talk to the two SEA countries -- countering the military threat of China.

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Good for Japan.

Kishida is shoring up solid, important relations with two democratic, free and Japan-loving allies.

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PM Kishida is desperately looking for a place to be popular…

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wondering what will be real result of this visit?as usual-NOTHING

wondering taxpayers costs for this trip alone and carbon print+adding C to global warming???

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What a surprise, he is leaving his country again for yet another spurious visit.......ps...I did read somewhere that he is Japans prime minister, but maybe that's just another rumour.

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There he goes again.

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are all problems in Japan solved than?

mr JTB?

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More frequent flyer points to add to his stockpile?

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