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Prime Minister Fumio Kishida speaks during a press conference at the prime minister's office in Tokyo. Image: Reuters

Japan PM leaves for U.S., Germany for summits amid security concerns


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the Asia-Pacific region, where China has stepped up its military assertiveness and North Korea has repeatedly launched ballistic missiles

And China and North Korea's partner warmongering Russia continues threatening neighboring nations and the planet. Individual sovereign nations by themselves probably cannot stand up militarily to the bloc of China/Russia/North Korea/Iran , and who knows which other nations, maybe India? that want to expand areas of control, but collectively might be able to at least make the bloc have second thoughts about going to war to enlarge their territories.

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I wish I could become Mr. Kishida's Chef so hopefully I get to travel a lot and see different places.

I would love to travel but I just can't afford it these days with the yen running around 160/$, but if I could be his chef I get to travel and may be see family and friends.

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He loves these foreign trips that most people here can't afford now. Please emigrate permanently so we don't have to see you again.

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"Japan PM"? Japan has a Prime Minister? Kishida? What???

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I've heard of plate tectonics moving continents and land over the course of millions of years but the speed at which Japan is drifting to the North Atlantic is ridiculous.

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Japan being involved with Europe is nothing new. The Anglo Japanese Alliance of 1902. WWI when Japan fought on the side of the allies and even sent their navy to the mediterranean.

Today we are in a global crisis as a result of the behavior and actions of the autocratic nations that have a direct impact on both Europe and the Far East.

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Kishida's actions are increasing Japan's security concerns.

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Kishida said he will hold bilateral talks with British Prime Minister Keir Starmer, who took office last week after his Labour Party ended 14 years of Conservative rule in a general election

good, maybe the Japanese will get the hint and finally end the LDP rule as well.......

Who are we kidding?

The LDP will soon end, Japan with their incompetence and non stop embezzling.

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WWI when Japan fought on the side of the allies and even sent their navy to the mediterranean.

You conveniently left out WWII,

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My point is that Japan has been involved with Europe on a military level for about a hundred years. Seems that went over your head.

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The Atlantic region is so far away from Japan.

It’s unlikely that a European nation would become embroiled in a conflict near Japan due to logistics.

Remember that Japan is a nation that is heavily restricted by a Constitution forbidding aggression.

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