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Kishida mulls visiting North Carolina during state visit to U.S.


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Toyota, the world's biggest automaker by volume, plans to manufacture automobile batteries in North Carolina

In Liberty, North Carolina, a small town (population 2,700) about a 75-minute drive west of Raleigh / Durham / Cary / Chapel Hill.

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Asiaman, you make a good point. The factory site is located in a small town that's probably not used to high-profile diplomatic visits. Actually, we should say the closest population center will be Greensboro, which is a city in its own right. If Kishida is smart, he'll also stop by HondaJet which is located at Greensboro's Piedmont Triad Airport.

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Kishida mulls visiting North Carolina

East coast stompin', rippin', and rompin'

New York, North Cak-a-laka, and Compton

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I really like it when people don't just see NYC or LA and think they've seen the US. Those places are very different from most of America. It is like visiting Paris for a week, but never getting into the countryside. Provence is beautiful and the French people there know how to live well. Small town America is very, very, different from the major cities.

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Too bad major battery plants for EVs not being built in Japan, as clean air and quiet much appreciated by most folks in society, and EV owners love charging at home, as no more dirty gas stations or oil changes!

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Small town America is very, very, different from the major cities.

Agreed. It's way better. The amount of nature, trails, parks, etc within a short drive of these small towns is worth it alone. If you're the kind of person who likes to be out doors a lot, or value real, down-to-earth, friendly people, it's definitely the place to be.

During my various trips to the US I have been consistently blown away by Appalachia in particular, a stunningly a beautiful place with a rich culture that should be celebrated. If Kishida is somehow able to facilitate potential for further manufacturing in West Virginia/East Kentucky in particular, that would be great. After the closure of the coal mines - the lifeblood of many of those communities - they need all the help they can get.

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I really wish these translators would stop using "mulls" for 検討してる.

"Considering: is far more appropriate translation.

Just like the rather silly "regretable" nonsense for 残念です instead of "unfortunate",

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West Virginia/East Kentucky have logistics challenges. NC has 2 big enough airports - CLT and RDU, so if materials need to be shipped quickly, that would be important. Trucking in mountains which can have the roads closed due to snow isn't good for business, if your business isn't related to the snow.

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