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Kishida aims to cut utility bills with new economic package


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Easy option - send everyone 100,000 Yen. Problem solved.

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LOL...a few months later...'Industry declines Kishida's urge to lower utility bills.'

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Where is this money coming from?

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High energy prices make people save money. Don’t subsidize but introduce a proper social welfare system and help the people that really need the help!!

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smithinjapan, yes, those sorts of policies are what we need. He might even introduce subsidies for new cars, which are obviously more fuel efficient than older cars, so we can have a bung for Nissan, Honda and Toyota.

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This has to stop, we are in this mess because politicians do everything to hold on to power TODAY. He will not be around when the fiscal imbalance forces a tax increase down the road.

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Let me guess... he'll accomplish this by giving electric and tax companies a major subsidy and/or tax break and asking them to pass it on to the consumers. Then, when they just use it to enrich shareholders and actually INCREASE costs for consumers, Kishida, if still in office, will talk about how regrettable it is and start devising another bill to give them more subsidies and ask them to do it again. Who knows? Maybe he'll even offer all households in Japan a one-time ¥5000 payment to combat the increase of ¥20,000 or so per month.

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Kishida aims to cut utility bills with new economic package:

He appears to have been engrossed in casual expenditure.

He burned money exorbitantly over his mentor's funeral.

Now he wants to cut utility bills too.

Where can he get enough money to boost nation's defense?.


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which relies on imports to meet its domestic needs

some high school student should tell Kishida that Japan has unlimited access to solar, geothermal, wind and wave energy. Unlimited. One of the most luckiest countries in the world.

and then there is what some nations call “Satan”. They forced us a few years back to abandon Iran’s oil fields which japan had about 50% rights. We could of been a world leader in the oil market. Now we have to sanction Russia. Lose our cheap energy because of a certain country.

japanese people need to wake up.

Electricity, gas, and kerosene price in spring 2023 could be 20% higher. Another energy crisis coming.

reap what you sow.

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"Kishida aims to cut utility bills with new economic package..."

Welcomed news. This is why I love Japan!

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Kishida has no choice but to bribe the citizens. His popularity is falling because of his association with the LDP's corrupt "unwanted" memorial for Shinzo.

The economy is not in the best condition, and the LDP wants to enact laws to make it harder for the average person to feed their families, while not enacting laws to force businesses to treat their employees better.

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I take you don't live in Japan, and probably never even visited Japan if you think these are usable suggestions.

I do live here. For over 25 years now. And I think they are viable suggestions. I wouldn't write it otherwise.

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200 by Xmas

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Electricity, gas, and kerosene price in spring 2023 could be 20% higher. Another energy crisis coming.

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While it is not entirely possible to live without gas and electricity, Japan could encourage consumers to use less of both. 

We actually have a system for that already, at least in other places and times, if not Japan.

It is called the free market, or free price system.

The way it works is, prices go up when supply is deficient, until demand at the price level matches supply. And when producers see the higher prices, it acts as a signal to them to produce more, reducing prices in future.

The genius of it is that we don’t need a single central planner to make it work - it is a decentralized system.

So not only does it ration scarce resources, we need not pay those central planners to misallocate resources for us either.

The secret of this might reach Kasumigaseki one day… in fact even back in the days of Oda Nobunaga, they knew about this. So it is not even a foreign thing. The Japanese just have to rediscover systems that produced good results in their own past.

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Kishida, who faces faltering public support, expressed his intention to satisfy the public.

he was definitely off to a GREAT start last month by wasting 1.2 billion yen, or whatever fake number it was for that “funeral.”

can’t wait to see what garbage he comes up with next to “satisfy the public.”

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agree with all of the above. more hot air from a useless LDP PM. Resign to take responsibility and bow. Exit. New PM. Rinse and repeat.

Those idiots are nothing if not predictable.

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While it is not entirely possible to live without gas and electricity, Japan could encourage consumers to use less of both. A campaign encouraging people to walk more, bike more, use public transportation more, carpool to work would go a long way in saving money and making Japan less dependable on foreign energy. I've just started commuting to work again by bicycle. And it's been great for my health and helpful in not having to by gas.

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Anyone thinking that inflation is low in Japan obviously is not living here.

The Japanese government gives with one hand and takes away with the other and all the while debt is higher and higher.

Imagine if Kishida dumped his two private jets what a saving that would be?


instead of offering subsidies on energy the government should be offering to insulate houses for FREE!

The winter is on its way and fuel bills will be on the way up.

Whatever Kishida proposes is usually too late anyway

If only we could harness all the hot air that comes out of his mouth..,

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The government has already launched a subsidy program for oil wholesalers to help reduce retail gasoline and kerosene prices.

Kishida as usually deliberately vague: "expressed his intention to draw up a package later this month that will satisfy the public."

"We will draw up a bold economic package that can convince ordinary Japanese with its substance and size,"

You don't have to be able to see the future to tell what form his economic relief package will take: Subsidies to utility companies who will then decide how much saving they will pass down to consumers from their own treasury.

The package will focus on three areas -- addressing rising prices and a weaker yen, spurring wage growth, and rejuvenating the economy through investment and reform.

The promises of New Capitalism are just as empty as Abenomics.

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Whatever happened to the LDP's repeated pledges of "fiscal consolidation." LOL.

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"We will draw up a bold economic package that can convince ordinary Japanese with its substance and size," 

… that their taxes and inflation will go up.

Consumer inflation in Japan has been accelerating in recent months, with its key index topping the Bank of Japan's 2 percent target for the past five months

Mission accomplished, please call it and have mercy on the poor.

, though the inflation rate is still far lower than in the United States or Europe.

who cares? They are miles above their own inflation targets. Worry about your own backyard, not how much of a mess the neighbours made of theirs.

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Finally, more subsidy and more government spending like always.

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just give the money (back) direct to the consumer..... not holding my breath. (^_-)

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