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Abe served dessert in 'shoe' at dinner in Israel


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I don’t see what the problem is. I drink beer out of boots, eat skittles out of sneakers and dine on curry and rice out of loafers at least twice a week.

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PM Abe could retribuir, when the Israeli come to visit, by offering an Middle Eastern cuisine dinner. Which, btw, is delicious

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It gives the flavour a little kick.

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I think this is very disgusting! Why Japanese media has no mentioned this?

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No kicks, please.

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Netanyahu puts his foot in it again.

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Culinary appropriation MUST end!

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Regardless of who came up with the stupid idea, the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu must be responsible for this cultural insensitivity.

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There seemed to be a craze a couple of years ago in my native country of serving food on strange items and wooden boards. In my local pub I would always insist on a plate.

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Would have tasted a bit leathery I expect.

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Abe served dessert in 'shoe' at dinner in Israel

Appropriate for this PM.

Why not a banana and a couple of apples in a jockstrap? Fruit cup anyone?

THAT would be appropriate for the Finance Minister given his recent remarks..

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First a Shoe, next I hope he'll be given the Boot...

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A shoey! Daniel Ricciardo drinks Champagne from his.

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No it doesn't look great.

But I fail to see the connection between taking off shoes indoors and this dessert being "disrespectful".

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If it was intended as an insult, then it is insulting. If not, then it is not, regardless of how people might take it here. That's all there is to it. I could see this being a big deal if it were, say, a nation where the foot is considered to be the dirtiest part of the body (in terms of morality, the chakras, and what not), and closest point to hell, but I don't think that's the case in Israel with Judaism.

Not sure why they did a shoe -- seems like it might be more suitable to Italy -- but whatever. Storm in a teacup, or dessert in a shoe.

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Trying to work out which one of them is the real heel in all this.

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A shoe? Both of them should have ordered the "Boot"

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Jonathan Prin Today  01:48 pm JST

Who takes a dessert in photo in a private dinner to sell it to the media ?

In this case, the photo was taken by the chef and posted to his instagram site. (Does that make you question the chef's judgement even more deeply?)

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I would have looked at it and would alert the server that the dog did his business in that shoe and I am not putting my foot in that!

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Heard about this a couple days ago on BBC. Seeing the photo, it looks even worse than I imagined.

Some celebrity chef had been invited and was trying to make a name for himself. (Didn't seem to work, as no one is talking about him by name - and he's definitely not getting any new jobs based on this one.)

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As for Muslims throwing their shoes?

Allow me to refer the curious to this (tongue-very-firmly-in-cheek-article)


I'm sure Abe did the diplomatic thing. After all, if the shoe fits...

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One doesn't have to be Japanese to question the choice of using a shoe as a serving dish, even if it wasn't a real shoe.

What's next, soup served from a fake commode?

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Muslims throw their own shoes when in anger, so there might be something with that in mind, but I know one thing it is not a typical Jewish tradition.

The only thing coming close to a shoe would be Matzo which is the dry unleavened bread.

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Why not a banana and a couple of apples in a jockstrap? Fruit cup anyone?

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That does not look amazingly appetizing to be honest..

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Well after all Abe is a 衆院議員 is he not? (Shu-in gi-in, lower house member)

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Would have done a shoey if i were Abe (preferably with champagne).

When in Tel Aviv do as etc..

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I can image the conversation in the kitchen of PM Bibi’s residence:

”What can we serve the Abe’s for dessert to make the experience memorable?”

”Chocolates should be a shoo-in!”

(A misunderstanding followed ... or, then again, it might just have been the chef’s response to having his pay rise request denied. After all, these are Israelis.)

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what was he doing there in the first place? giving more tax money away?

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Who takes a dessert in photo in a private dinner to sell it to the media ?

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I hope he got to keep the shoe !

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Abe and his wife didn't seem to care and enjoyed the dinner.

More overreaction from the social media justice warriors.

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Who in the hell thinks putting food inside of a fake shoe looks even remotely appetizing?

total FAIL!

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The socks add a little ‘je ne sais quoi’.

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The special treat has since drawn criticism from local media as being disrespectful as outdoor shoes are rarely seen inside houses in Japan, as people remove them before going inside.

And Japanese rarely entertain at home, too, so a double whammy for the Israeli PM.

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