Suga mulls reshuffling ruling party execs, cabinet next week


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Not a difficult shuffle, the deck has a dozen cards at most. Same faces same penguin suits, same photo on the stairs. Same mental drudgery. To save time and money just use cardboard cut outs move those around the stairs for the photo. It will make no improvement to tax payers at all. The disconnect is now a chasm.

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Suga mulls reshuffling ruling party execs, cabinet next week

That just provide little help for rating that already low


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Present Japan's inhumane PM prioritizes to cling to the position of PM than infection measures despite dangerous situation that many patients over 120 thousands cannot even hospitalize.

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Suga mulls reshuffling ruling party execs, cabinet next week

Suga: Hmm, what can energize public support for my administration? Spending all that money invoking the spirit of the power of sport didn't work for very long...

Walk -In vaccination with a ichi-man-en incentive?

Direct pandemic relief to the public ?

No, let's shuffle around the gerontocrat lineup!Aso as Minister of Health and Welfare! That will electrify the electorate!

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Hey Sugi, I got a better idea. Dump your entire Diet roster.

Including yourself.

And hire some actual qualified people for the job.

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Suga mulls reshuffling ruling party execs, cabinet next week

Japanese political musical chairs at work as usual. Nothing to see here...

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The - Deck - Chairs - Rearranging - Titanic - On

A familair exercise when all else is failing...

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if you want to describe charismaless,actionless,resultless,powerless and meaningless politician just say in short.


it covers all above.

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Same "mess", different day!

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And what a "shuffle" it's turning out to be!

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