Suga receives 2nd vaccine shot ahead of U.S. trip


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Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga received his second dose of the Pfizer Inc. COVID-19 vaccine at a Tokyo hospital on Tuesday, as part of preparations to visit the United States next week for a meeting with President Joe Biden.

CDC Website: “People are considered fully vaccinated two weeks after their second shot of the Pfizer-BioNtech or Moderna COVID-19 vaccine.”


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if Suga spreads the virus in the White House it's gonna be considered an international aggression.

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I wish he and his entire entourage would wait two weeks after their second shot before traveling to the United States and then returning to Japan. It would be safer all around.

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meanwhile, vaccine rollout here remains at a snail's pace. Good to see the Feudalistic System is still alive and well in Japan. For the blue bloods, double vaccines and tests anytime. For the rest of us peasants, NOT EVEN bread crumbs. But oh well.

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Wonder how many politicians have been secretly vaccinated already.

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if Suga spreads the virus in the White House it's gonna be considered an international aggression.

and what would it be called if Suga gets gunned down in or his car gets car jacked in DC?

Two teenage girls charged with murder after alleged carjacking, assault of UberEats driver in DC


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It is good time to Visit D.C. The cherry blossoms are great.

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Suga-san is setting an example getting the vaccine and I am hopeful this trip will be fruitful.

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Where the hell are the updates regarding our national vaccination program?

the US and other countries are literally licensing dentists and even vets to speed the process which still results in a very long time expectancy until a relative herd immunity is achieved.

Japan has been so lucky considering how bad it got in terms of death in other nations, I can only think that the Japanese understand this as a result of superiority and not out of luck.

Seems like they'll keep this up until one day we wake up and find out there's a new variant that makes you bleed out your ears.

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So on whay ground does he get vaccine before the much elder of his country fellow citizens ?

Biden waited for his turn and is older than Suga.

My Mom in my country could get vaccinated before my father because of age difference too but waited to go with him when he was allowed to get his jab.

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I meant what medical ground compare to others ?

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Let's just hope PM Suga doesn't have an adverse reaction or wind up testing positive for COVID-19 from the shots.

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And what could it ever be to be so important, not also to be discussed via public and unsecured video conferencing? They both surely think they are somewhat better or important. That’s very much overestimating. lol

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What happens if he catches COVID as a result ?

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What happens if he catches COVID as a result ?

It's not possible. Read the material in the link to learn how the vaccines work.


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And what could it ever be to be so important, not also to be discussed via public and unsecured video conferencing?

Basically everything. Governments protect their plans and strategies more closely than just about anything else. They also tend to protect the unfiltered opinions their leaders may share in private, especially when those opinions are uncharitable towards other world leaders whom they may dislike and with whom they both feel threatened by. They may also wish to bounce ideas off each other in private and see where they go. It is just like you and your doctor or attorney, or two business owners, you close the door so you can share frank opinions on the matters at hand without worrying you might divulge something your competitor can use against you or releasing a trade secret that eliminates an advantage you have. Do you discuss private matters in public? Last I'm sure both men want to size the other up. See them in person, look in their eye, shake their hand and judge their character. You can't do that very well on a Zoom call.

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