Suga, in Fukushima, vows to continue recovery efforts for 2011 disasters-hit areas


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Very thoughtful Mr. Suga but why the heck aren't you wearing a mask?

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My initial reaction to Suga's taking office was "oh no; more of the same".

However this trip kind of caught me off guard and it was a pleasant surprise he went to Tohoku and also made these comments.

The one thing about Suga is he did not come born with a silver spoon in his mouth like so many of the other politicians at Nagatacho. Maybe he is different because of his roots....Because of the way the system operates I am skeptical but maybe he might approach things a bit differently. We shall see.

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Any clue what will be done to those waters?

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More of the same from the LDP. Next meeting will be the families of the N.Korean abductees. Abe left you a lot of crap to clean up Suga, enjoy!

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Everyone deserves a chance before being criticized. Suga is at least a self made man and was the only real anchor in the Abe administration. I think he has a chance to fight and bit by bit change the LDP’s feudal methods. To do that he needs all possible support. But so far so good and i see his confidence strengthen day by day. Be happy he kept Aso from returning as PM for one thing. And if Suga can build on a good start we will not see Aso in the next cabinet.

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Whatever you do, don't dump radioactive water into the ocean.

If that happens, the entire fish in the Pacific ocean is irradiated and become unfit for human consumption.

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Very thoughtful Mr. Suga but why the heck aren't you wearing a mask?

No need to wear a mask, with all the radiation leaking out there, covid probably couldn't survive.

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"There is no recovery of Tohoku, without recovery of Fukushima, and there is no revival of Japan without recovery of Tohoku. This is a basic policy of my cabinet," he said.

He forgot to add: " However, the Olympics, have been, and will continue to be, our top priority for the forseeable future. We wish the people of Tohoku good luck."

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You are only focusing the place the situation .. That's why no improvement because you forgot the people the victims of the accident of Fukushima nuclear plant.. Specially residing in tomioka... No job no income no proper shelter.. You must take your responsibilities until the last one.

To the Prime minister of Japan .. Suga. Hear and act don't delay because were begging you the responsibilities

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They lie that the radioactive tank water only contains tritium. BTW, tritium is dangerous.

nothing apart from removing a few fuel rods from mildly effected #4 reactor cooling pool, and putting on and taking of some roofs.

Low Dose Radiation (LDR) has been constantly released affecting 23million plus citizens. Google the long term effects...

THERE IS NO TECHNOLOGY to deal with the melted through reactors. As iodizing radionuclides are freely flowing into the atmosphere, food, sea and underground water tables, we need to take Fukushima more seriously.

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Suga. Same old same old. Fukushima an afterthought. And a photo op. No actual, viable plan to deal with the radioactive 'waters'. Dump it in the ocean. Release it into the atmosphere. Neither is laudable. And simply reiterates the policy of the previous Abe regime.

As mentioned above. The focus seems to be on The Olympics, even framing future SARSCoV-2 response and certainly allaying any fears about radioactive materials in the very vicinity of The Olympics. One of the venues being constructed is either near or within the contaminated zone.

The government is keen to use the Olympics to showcase Fukushima’s recovery from the 2011 tsunami. It intends to use J-Village, a sports complex located about 12 miles from the nuclear plant that was damaged in the disaster, as the starting point for the Japan leg of the torch relay.

Originally designed as a training centre for athletes, J-Village functioned for years as a logistics hub for crews working to control and decommission the defunct reactors.

After a cleanup process, the sports centre became fully operational again, shortly after the torch relay decision.

Greenpeace urged fresh radiation monitoring and continued cleanup efforts, saying it had detected some spots with radiation levels as high as 1.7 microsieverts per hour when measured one metre above the surface at the J-Village.

This compared with the national safety standard of 0.23 microsieverts per hour, and a normal reading in Tokyo of about 0.04 microsieverts per hour. The hotspots showed a reading of 71 microsieverts per hour at the surface level, Greenpeace said.

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... vows to continue recovery efforts...

Uh, what other choice is there?

Give up and move everyone in Japan to Antarctica, or maybe buy Greenland?

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Despite early misgivings, Suga has been quite active since he took over. Two his initiatives are On-Line Medicine and the Digital Reform. He knows who is who in domestic politics, and knows how to get thiings done. He may surprise everyone!

Nikkei Asian Review ran a profile piece on him last week - Caretaker or Changemaker?


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I hope it's not propaganda, but he has been doing OK, so far. The results will tell. And I'm pretty harsh on politicians. I wish him well and most of all the Japanese people that includes me a PR. I'm B class Japanese but I pine for a leader who can use all the positives Japan has.

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Whatever you do, don't dump radioactive water into the ocean.

If that happens, the entire fish in the Pacific ocean is irradiated and become unfit for human consumption.

Highly ignorant and prejudiced.

All active nuclear powerplants around the world discharge water into seas or rivers nearby (after it is sufficiently diluted). It's a normal operation. The IAEA has already recommended the water discharge. The water storage is risky of contamination if it's damaged (by natural disaster). At stake is not science and rationality, but local politics.

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Samit, just to cheer you up, the sea is already naturally radioactive.

Pumping it out to sea, diluted or not would be an own goal of stupendous proportions. PR disaster and would have unintended consequences undermining any attempts to revive the economy in the disaster struck area.

Ultimately there may not be any other long term solution than to dilute and dump but it might help if it were spread out and mixed with the rest of the vast Pacific, either by shipping it to various locations or use of any strong currents to carry it away and mix it. Will still need delegate PR management.

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people keep saying saying give him a chance! He's a self made man( whatever that means!)

He is more of the same old abnenomics nonsense..who are you guys kidding?!

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This is mere pose of him who was accomplice of Abe Govt full of lie and deception.

at Fukushima nuclear disaster's memorial facilities, criticism against politics or Tepco are banned.

besides, Japan's TV media don't mention even such problem.

"Atmosphere" that cannot criticize Suga government are spreading in Japanese society rapidly.

and Many Japanese are very obedient to social atmosphere historically.

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