Abe to reshuffle cabinet as ratings slump: media


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There really ought to be a new word invented to categorize J-politics (aside from 'corruption') as it's really not a democracy in the true sense of the word.

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Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will likely reshuffle his cabinet to try to bolster ratings battered by suspicions that he helped a friend get favored treatment for his business, media reported on Monday.

Well then why doesn't he just shuffle off?

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Shuffle yourself out of the deck while ya at it!

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This is commonly done when PM's start loosing popularity, and seen by the public as "taking responsibility" for problems with the administration.

If this continues, as in problems like the University, Abe will start seeing support from within all the factions of the LDP and his position will become more precarious, but before that even happens he will dissolve the Diet and call a snap election .

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Abe is the problem not the cabinet!

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But I thought the problem was Abe, not the cabinet.

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Yes how is shuffling the pack of random LDP place-fillers and time-servers supposed to improve the popularity of Abe, which has suffered as a result of his not-one-but-two school favours scandals, and the very unpopular (for good reasons) secrets bill, constitutional amendment plans, and conspiracy law?

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Aly - bingo!

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Do not give any credence to the floating suspicion or rumour that PM Abe misused his authority to benefit his friend . Such rumours are generally floated to diminish the popularity rating of a leader in the public.

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Do not give any credence to the floating suspicion or rumour that PM Abe misused his authority to benefit his friend . Such rumours are generally floated to diminish the popularity rating of a leader in the public.

And if what you say is true, then there would be no need for Abe to reshuffle his cabinet. This is two scandals in a row that directly implicate Abe, directly or indirectly, and on top of the conspiracy legislation, and the shady manner with which it got passed, lends credence to the saying, "Where there is smoke, there is fire"

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Abe's re-shuffling should be viewed for what it is. A desperate attempt at deflection.

He is trying to win the minds(???) of the electorate by appearing to be the good guy in all these recent failings,and show as a hard-done-by- boy, he really wants to help the lot of ordinary citizens.

His attempt to put the blame on others, time and time again, covering his own fallibilities, will probably see him garner support from the ditherers. Heaven forbid.

This cabinet reshuffle, in reality an admission of incompetence, is just another vicarious ploy.

B.I. Sharma- there is no suspicion, there is no rumour. It is inveterate fact - proof provided.

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Shuffled or not, only himself or not, PM is in Power in Japan.  Japanese people know since 1960.

You haven't heard Anpo Hantai activity.  Only PM was left for Anpo but it was passed and result is American bases all over in Japan as of today.

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About as effective for the LDP as shuffling ones toes.

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Re-shuffling his cabinet does not in any way cover up his crimes..... What is this his third re-shuffle or fourth....

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No remedy for inherited politician. He should be reshuffled first of all. There are some ministers that I think good to stay, many might to stop political career rather than be reshuffled, because those are not competent to be politician. Someone should stop this excessive running drive administration. And the driver is him.

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Japanese democracy is a flipping joke! If ratings drop they just can the underlings, but it's the senior members who are responsible for the ratings drop. Skapegoat politics at its best!

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Can the cabinet reshuffle Abe...out?

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All parliamentary systems do this that I know of, from Canada to Germany. Presidential systems are worse in that the president can't even have confidence vote against him to push out of office.

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...when he goes against the platform that he was elected on.

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I have a sneaking suspicion that a member of the Abe family was in charge of the deck chairs on the Titanic back in 1912 or so. That boat sank too.

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He is the one involved in many corruption affair but shuffle the cabinet to gain confidence ? Hilarious Japan

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, PM is in Power in Japan. Japanese people know since 1960.

The PM is not the power, not even close, it's the factions of the party behind the PM that support and give power to the PM.

People forget that the LDP is made up of a bunch of factions all fighting for power, and as the power brokers go, Abe has their support now. But if he really starts slipping in the polls, and his image keeps on getting bashed, he will start loosing their support.

The cabinet shuffle is to appease members in different factions to give them their chance.

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...it's a duck.(lame)

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What's the point of a reshuffle if the deck has been stacked?

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When you listen to the way these politicians and bureaucrats contradict each other, they sound just like everyone at the White House. It must be going around.

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