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Kishida, U.S. envoy to U.N. vow continued cooperation over N Korea


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EastmanToday  08:50 am JST

how abt to talk to DPRK directly dear Fumio?

its just some 60min flight from Tokyo.

Koizumi could do...?

or are there any...obstacles?or no negotiation skills?

Try to keep up with the news.

"N. Korea says no interest in holding summit with Japan, rejects further talks"


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Fumio shaking a hand with blood on it (the American hand that is always raised in support of "plausible" genocide).

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Isn't that the lady that vetoes UN ceasefire in Gaza resolutions? North Korea is just a diversion. Kishida should ask her to support a ceasefire in Gaza. That would be more useful.

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And do they actually think N. Korea will take any notice of what they say? If they do, they are in the wrong line of work, may be they should try litter collection, at least they will see some tangible results.

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