Abe urges caution on N Korea talks; wants concrete steps

By Nicolas Datiche

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Abe said that talking for the sake of talking was "meaningless."

Looking back on the past year, seems you should be listening to your own words !

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Well done to Abe for not falling for North Korea's farcical charm offensive. Only the weak minded and deliberately deluded were fooled by that

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Once again Japan ratcheting up tensions by trying to scupper the North Korea talks with South Korea. It seems like Japan wants war no matter what!

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Shinzo Abe said that talking for the sake of talking was "meaningless."

This statement shows the man has not the slightest clue about diplomacy.

Once you stop talking the only option left is action.

could be a ploy to play for time

Play for time?

Why? He has all the time he wants. NK are obviously skirting sanctions and nobody wants to start WWIII.

Well...at least I hope not!

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North Korea has shown it is a trustworthy power with this latest diplomatic outreach and the warmongering suggestions that they are just playing for time to finish off their nuclear program are absurd and delusional

-3 ( +4 / -7 )

I don't think there's any reason to advise caution on these talks, no one is stupid enough to think this is the beginning of something different with NK. Even Moon the suspected traitor has stated that it is too early for optimism.

In terms of prospects for war, the situation is actually far worse now I think, because if NK backs out or scuppers these "talks", then Trump has a green light to eliminate NK entirely as that will truly be the final straw

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I,ve repeatedly said that we have to create a situation of putting maximum pressure on North Korea so that the North wants to have talks with us," Abe told MPs.

Well, that's precisely what's happened isn't it? Sanctions are biting, NK wants to talk, so talk to them. Unless of course , you don't want to have any progress and de - escalation in order to keep your NK boogeyman for scaring the oldies into voting for LDP again come next election since LDP is the " only party that can keep Japan safe ".

Say it ain't so Shinzo.

7 ( +9 / -2 )

Any negotiations, however long and difficult, are always better then military confrontation. There was a chance of denuclearisation of North Korea in early 2000s, but Bush and Cheney torpedoed it. Let the two Korea talk, may be there will be something good from it.

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Japan must not be the odd one left out and must engage on talks of its own with North Korea. Abe must realize that the US and Trump would sell out Japan in a heartbeat (that South Korea would undermine Japan at any opportunity is a given). There is no alliance between US, SK, and JPN.

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The trend is so obvious: Japan is isolated. Stupid policies only produce stupid results.

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Abe urges caution on N Korea talks; wants concrete steps

Abe- the public would like to urge YOU to be cautious when YOU talk

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I am concerned about "decog9065" insisting that the situation is closer to war NOW than before (because if the talks fail, Mr. Trump will simply go to war). I wonder whether, unlike me [rather more like a comic-book ostrich than I would now wish], he remained alert to the news during the US=USSR Cold War? If, indeed, s/he is that elderly (ha, ha, ha--showing my age as well as my defection from paying attention), ... All joking aside, I think that there were many such moments when USA leaders were sure "the Russians" (viz., the Soviets) would attack because there was reached a "comma" or even a "period"--not in a treaty to reduce arms, but in the rhythm of talks about de-escalating alternating with boasts on both sides of paper-tiger-like stockpiles. Yet, neither did the USSR nor the USA attack (directly). I cannot prove from my very uneducated "history" of that time anything at all about the safety of today, but it helps sometimes to get a bigger (or a "longer") picture or time-frame. How many times did one side or the other feel like 'that was "the last straw"!' without pushing the panic button? (Am I foolish tacitly to give the DPPK the part of the far, far bigger USSR? Who is backing them up? Who is in the shadows enjoying the prospect of a small country seeming to make big USA squeak and squeal as if Americans were more afraid to die than any of the citizens of any other country [the separate "caste" of armed forces personnel excepted]?) Regardless of whether the North depends on a bigger country or not, the USA is scarcely in a position to defend itself from the charge of being a rogue state that continues stubbornly to increase stockpiles and endlessly to test nuclear weapons. The possible "victory" of such in any nuclear war would be Pyrrhic indeed. I hope Mr. Trump is as sane as he wishes to be seen to be!

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