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Kishida pledges at climate summit to phase out coal-fired power


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Kishida, who promised to work with other countries to "triple" the global volume of green power

Prime minister heal thyself; with regard to green power, start here in Japan. The LDP and Japan, Inc. have been stuck on burning huge amounts of fossil fuels for decades, see entry into WW2, and invasion of Dutch East Indies for examples.

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Womp, womp It's a great looking headline though.

Kishida said Japan will terminate the construction of new coal-fired power plants that have no emission-reducing measures in place, without specifying the timeline or mentioning the scrapping of existing plants.

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Kishida pledges at climate summit to phase out coal-fired power

Which the japanese won't. It's just classic japanese diuble speak.

However, I'm fine with it in this case.

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Hot air - pun intended

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The really low hanging fruit for Japan to lower CO2 emissions is to allow farmers to grow and market genetically modified crops.

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Kishida pledges at climate summit to phase out coal-fired power

Kishida turns to left to the Saudi and Emirati representatives: Let's work together to fulfill my pleadge of sustainable development.

The setting, the hosts, how the oligarchs amass for this meeting; they all work together to make the crucial issue of anthropogenic climate change into a farce.

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I remember PM Hatoyama’s promise!

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take necessary measures to reduce Japan's reliance on coal-fired power generation

While building and financing them overseas. Such blatant double-speak is almost justified in a climate summit that has the head of a weaithy oil-producing nation's national oil company as its chair and who has already been found out as wanting to promote oil contracts with other countries on the sidelines at this very summit. You couldn't make it up. Our future is in the hands of big oil. What could go wrong?

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Right...with a total reliance on nuclear reactors.

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And his "leadership" is to host the first summit of ASEAN nations in reducing carbon emissions. Everyone can fly in, stay at expensive hotels, use chauffeured cars, enjoy fine wine and food all just to make a press statement and stand for a group photo. Not to mention all the press in tow riding around following these clowns. Someone please calculate the amount of GHG this little initiative is going to cost.

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A pledge from him is meaningless.

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Have the two jets that Kishida and his entourage came in on been refueled yet?

Thank you tax payers in Japan!

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What does the PM in "PM Kishida" stand for?


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I wonder how he will phase out coal power plants in Okinawa. What alternative source will he pay for?

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Resource-poor Japan 

Biomass co-generation, geo-thermal, wind, solar, biogas....

More like leadership-poor Japan

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Said the country that couldn't even meet its very own Kyoto protocol set in 1992. So all I hear from Japan is BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH. Like the teacher in peanuts. And since the government never changes, why should the policy. At least china, can move policy when it makes sense.

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Right...with a total reliance on nuclear reactors.

no problem with restarting out of date NPP on active fault lines. They are not in Tokyo and very close to sea in case of inevitable accidents.

usually “pledge” means maybe in 50 years time.

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Japan vowed to contribute $10 million to a new international fund to support developing nations incurring loss and damage caused by climate change.

another drop in the well for Japan I guess.

everyone gets millions!!!!

except the Japanese people.

btw, love the picture of people walking out while Kishida is talking.

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A politician's words. All promises with zero evidence or plans to back them up.

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Every one knows nothing will come of this U.N. meeting on climate change in the United Arab Emirates. Kishida and his entourage took 2 planes to go there, that could mean as many as 400 people, why are there no numbers or reporting about this? And I would bet the vast majority of them spent their time lazing in the sunshine and staying in luxurious hotels. If this conference were held in Iceland he and clip board carriers could have use a big helicopter.

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Coal is bad. That stereotype is hopeless. The best power generation efficiency would be to run the nuclear power generation award.

Thermal power plants burn crude oil to generate electricity, which increases CO2 emissions, and it is impossible to cover all of this with natural energy.

No matter what Prime Minister Kishida says, coal will continue to be used as a cheap method of generating electricity.

If we want to reduce CO2, nothing will change unless countries such as the United States, China, and India, which have significantly higher emissions, take this seriously.

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Getting rid of coal power plants at this point is not only critically important, but also relatively easy to do. If nothing else, they can be converted to burning gas. Still a greenhouse gas, but half as polluting as coal, and can be done while also working to build up a greener infrastructure.

Here in California we have gone from having coal supply over 20% of our power a few decades ago to less than one half percent today, with plans to eliminate the last of our coal plant within two years.

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PM writing checks he can't cash.

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This climate change stuff reads like the purest propaganda now. There are over 1700 of the world’s most distinguished scientists, including Nobel laureates, who have declared that the ‘climate crisis’ is somewhere between hugely exaggerated and non-existent (as part of the World Climate Declaration). Yet, not a single word has been printed on this hugely important story in any mainstream media outlet. Similarly, nothing on the perfectly healthy state of the Great Barrier Reef (supposedly moribund due to climate change) or the not remotely threatened Arctic or Antarctic or the abundance of polar bears, penguins and whales, or the fact that there has been no significant warming for over twenty years now. No wonder people are brainwashed. Is there not a single decent journalist at this or any other Japanese publication willing to challenge this stuff? Apparently not.

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At the same time, Reuters told us just this past week that China, in the third quarter of this year, has permitted more new coal-fired plants than in all of 2021 combined. Plus, more than 95% of all global coal plant capacity that began construction this year was in China. And that their coal-fired power capacity is on track to rise by more than 200 GW by the end of the decade, which will be more than all of the power capacity currently in Canada. And coal-fired power makes up about 70% of their current emissions (not counting emissions from other coal usage, such as steel production). Added to all of this, two months ago their climate envoy told diplomats that their energy security concerns meant that phasing out fossil fuels was "unrealistic". China is heading in the wrong direction, and resulting in more harm for the rest of the world.

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Japan is well served by a government that is not delibertly impoverishing the nation. Countries like Canada that have allowed extreme activists to set policy are now seeing their GDP/capita shrink, massive homelessness and millions of hungry people that require charity to feed themselves. Japan's go slow over decades approach will serve the country better and reduce the risk of grinding poverty.

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Should’ve done this 30 years ago. Too little too late.

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proxyDec. 2 11:51 pm JST

Japan is well served by a government that is not delibertly impoverishing the nation.

We haven't seen the full impact of the elder apocalypse yet, though.

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Biofuels are the way to go!

No politico will promote this as the expensive dinners and brown envelopes aren’t there.

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