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Kishida vows to push for green, digital transformation


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In his speech at the Davos Agenda conference, Kishida, who took office in October, stressed the need to overhaul economic and social structures by keeping universal values such as democracy, pointing to the risks posed by state capitalism in an apparent reference to countries such as China.

Great place to talk about a "new capitalism" at the neo-liberal Woodstock for he elite Davos.

State capitalism does seem to be winning out over the neo-liberal model used in Japan , in economic growth at least. Kishida seems shook.

In either of the varieties of capitalism and most assuredly in the LDP new capitalism the working public will be coming out the losers.

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Action is what matters. Not talk. Action. I have not seen any action from this dare I say Government in over 20 years. Talk Talk and more Talk. No action.

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Japan is full of hot air and empty promises, how insulting that they can take the stage and belch out such BS

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by keeping universal values such as democracy,

New York times staff are probably laughing at this. You tell them to write a particular narrative during Abe's time, and because they didn't follow orders, you excluded them from future press events. A CCP wannabe shouldn't be talking about democracy.

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Democracy... there ain't no democracy here in Japan, Nearly All of LDP are family members of the ruling class from before WW2. And they proved that they remain in control even if the opposition party is allowed into the lower house for a single term in an attempt to show they are not a dictatorship.

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Abenomics achieved great results, but it is clear that the efforts made thus far are not enough to transform the Japanese economy into a sustainable and inclusive one," Kishida said,

Inclusive, good one, inclusive of all the foregners students and foreigners who have kept out of the country using the false guise if corona. What an utter joke.

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Laughable to see Japan Inc’s version of capitalism classified here on the “neo-liberal” side rather than then”state capitalism” side. hahaha!

Thumbs down if you want to see a bigger role of the Japanese government in the economy, and more debt and taxes!

his country will build infrastructure such as seabed cables and optical fiber networks, as well as data centers in various parts of the nation, to cope with a surge in data volume.

How about letting experts like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Sakura cloud and other free market competitors do this activity at their own risk, and not ours? Government should stick to governing, not trying to run the whole show! It’s a disaster when they do that, and it’ll be on us!

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More vows?

More a priest than a PM then…

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Who? What?

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