Abe, Polish PM agree to advance free trade


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"Abe and Morawiecki shared the view that North Korea must respect U.N. Security Council resolutions on the country's nuclear development" and the US and Israel should also respect the U.N. Security council and return occupied Palestinian lands, including Palestine.

In order to get from under the hell of the US, Japan should negotiate more trade deals with the view of giving the US the flick. All nations should look for trade partners that do not demand domination, do not demand subservience.

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Polish potatoes will be cheaper. Great import.

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Japan is champion of free trade.

I guess we can now easily buy foreign butter, ham and sausages, meat etc.

Abe is globetrotting enjoying is new jumbo jet funded by tax payers and deceiving the world he is for free trade.

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Cheaper Polish vodka? Not if the Japanese alcohol lobby have their way with Abe.

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So how will this benefit the average person in Japan? What products will be cheaper?

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Man,how Abe can trumpet free trade with a straight face is beyond me.I guess he has no idea how much domestic butter and cheese costs and really no idea how much a nice wedge of Blue Stilton costs!

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