Japan postpones foreign minister's trip to Russia


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As I expexted. Nothing to talk. In the current situation Japan can't carry out own policy with Russia.

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Whatever the thought process behind the postponement of Japan foreign minister's trip to Russia, Japan’s concern about response levels to current disputes with Xi Jinping government, bear little relevance to the ongoing east - west military confrontation in Ukraine.

The US government is privately scornful of EU government's complete loss of moral courage, utter disheartenment is openly being addressed at senior politicians, even actions that could be construed as betrayal through greed, wilful negligence or failure to even comprehend the importance in protecting one's own country and its people.

With that in mind, if the current dispute over islands were to escalate and lives or security to boarders were to be deemed at risk, US Government would make sure the message in response to those changes would reverberate to an extent that Europe as a continent would sit up and listen. It's best that the least number of parties or governments are involved in the ongoing acts of folly in Europe.

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Those who live in glass houses should not be the first to throw stones. This applies to Japan as well as the EU even if it looks ' weak ' to the Americans. The Americans are untouchable protected by oceans and land mass besides its global spy networks. Those countries stupid enough to become its pawns will pay for their folly. This has been evident throughout history but then some people and countries prefer to live in the world of their own imagination. So, they will suffer their ignominy.

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