Abe presses China on professor held for 'spying'


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When dealing with China, if you don't pushback, hard, you loose. There is never a win win negotiation with China, it's a central government system, there is only control, you must negotiate hard to escape control.

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Abe pressed China? Highly doubt it. More like he simply inquired about it.

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Obviously, Abe isn't a diplomat, because demand isn't a diplomatic word. Strongly demand make it even less diplomatic.

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Abe needs to send the fleet...

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obviously this is not a diplomatic exchange. Arbitrary arrest without charge or providing details is not diplomatic, it's an attack on the rights of Japanese citizen. In this case a person with high standing and good track record working in China.

It's yet another whiteanting move by China.

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@kurisupisu wake up, those days have long gone for some 70 years.

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