Kishida outlines record ¥56 tril stimulus package to fix ailing economy


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That’s appr. 448,000¥ per head. I wonder how 100,000 in cash, some 5,000 mynumber points here or there or for many just only zero can grow up into that amount. Maybe a little bottle of money fertilizer is also handed out…lol

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And how much of this is going to "struggling businesses" like Dentsu?

One hopes for - but doesn't expect - some transparency in how this money is disbursed.

Can anyone else smell pork?

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will handouts help rid the streets of touts importuning girls outside Family Mart on "streets full of shops, bars and restaurants in Tokyo's Shibuya district." ?

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That’s appr. 448,000¥ per head

Even if you are a couple with two kids, that's 200,000 yen for you and 1.6 million going somewhere else. I don't know why all the attention is on that 200,000.

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while opening borders would be much easier ...

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kishida is gonna be a popular man for a while, kind of like I’m popular when I give my nephew and nieces candy ! It’s short lived though I’ve found..unless it’s eventually replaced by something more substantial..like real love lol

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The Go To will help the local areas and it SHOULD be ok with vaccination rates ticking up.

Internationally, if the govt. would just let people with vaccine passports and a negative PCR test (from countries with good vaccination rates in without quarantining, I believe we would see an immediate and substantial up-tick in in-bound tourism.

I gotta say, this 100k to kids under 18 is an idiotic idea. My kids are too old, what about us? What about people without kids? And if the kids are under 18, it's technically their parents' money. Just dumb.

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So Japan will expand its lead as the most indebted G7 nation.

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baramaki, or “spreading out handouts,” which could prove ineffective in generating growth in the long run.

Indeed, did such big government socialism work in the long run, anywhere, ever?

Let alone Japan, which has been adding extra debt for the last two decades in this way with no long run growth to show for it.

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“So Japan will expand its lead as the most indebted G7 nation.”

Indebted to whom?

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while opening borders would be much easier ...

I thought it over and over, but don’t get your point. Does a foreign migrant or Santa bring us all 440,000¥ on Christmas Eve or do some people leave from here and distribute their trillions and tons of gold bars before they go or what exactly is it we will profit from open borders, especially when considering still quite a pandemic everywhere else.

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This is the very definition of economic and fiscal insanity.

Before any hint/whisper of any further stimulus measures.

There has to be a clear structured sector wide program of reform.

Employment, health and child care, agriculture, energy, education. etc etc.

And a independent analysis of the true costs of J government.

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Better they waste the money on us than the olympics or dentsu or steak dinners.

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Let vaccinated tourists in

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Derek GrebeToday 05:10 pm JST

And how much of this is going to "struggling businesses" like Dentsu?

One hopes for - but doesn't expect - some transparency in how this money is disbursed.

Can anyone else smell pork?

Corporate welfare for Keidanren members and the like. Nothing ever changes, except the poor get poorer and the rich get richer...

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Beer money, yay!

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While these proposals are interesting, the perhaps unintentional panchira and possible nanpa’ing captured in the accompanying photo are a bit of a distraction ? - Pictured:

*- “**People walk along streets full of shops, bars and restaurants in Tokyo's Shibuya district.” -*

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Local independent shops and restaurants are still struggling, in spite of a temporary uptick in weekend business. Wintertime business falls off again and the impact will be magnified by almost two years of reduced revenues. Subsidies and offsets are needed to maintain the local mainstays of culture and business.

The 100,000 yen should simply be appreciated for what it is, however small. One wishes the payout was more democratic and larger, as no matter where the money goes, the majority share will enter the marketplace.

The rather bizarre construction of large hotels, now finishing completion, are perhaps due to economic projection prior to the pandemic and loans and contracts were already in place. This in light of hotels that went bankrupt over the past two years as tourism evaporated. The current building boom, wedded to large corporate entities promise to call in chips owed by politicians essentially on the pad or beholden to monied interests. There will be pressure to allow foreign tourists, especially Chinese, which is the raison d'etre for the building of such edifices. Such is specific to our area (Nara) - but is certain to be present elsewhere.

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“New capitalism” seems to be government cash for ‘ailing’ businesses like ANA, Dentsu, et al, cake for families with kids under 18, and nothing for the rest. I suspect a majority of that 56 trillion ($500 billion) will go to ‘friends of Abe’ aka LDP.

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Half a trillion dollars coming your way.

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Open the damn borders the fully vaccinated, negative tested people!

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Did they not learn for the past 30 years that printing more money solves nothing?

Big corps and banks absorb everything.

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Japan should fill vacant jobs with more asian immigrants who share similar values. Allow Thai people with a Buddhist faith into the country on 2-4 year work visas and watch the economy grow. 250,000 in year 1 up to

1-2 million by year 5.


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The LDP has basically been in power forever so there’s so much sleeve that it is impossible to change this country. All those stimulus packages show that they’ve non plan anymore, just baramaki here and there. Japan desperately needs fresh political blood

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Whenever this is reported on the news, I try to change the channel so the kids don't see it!

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Packages, handouts etc.

Workplaces look for workers and no-one want to work anymore, but yeah let's give them all free money.

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Workplaces look for workers and no-one want to work anymore.

They look for workers? Where? They can send me their offers anytime per email or letter, but they just don’t. They don’t need any good staff, that’s obvious. They only want cheap slaves who themselves should search their slavery place and then beg on knees to be enslaved. That’s quite a bit biased and one-sided procedure, I think.

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Indebted to whom?

Japanese people. It's still debt and that means a lower living standard in the future.

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It means the people today can spend the yen today but the younger generation will have to work pay it back. The biggest question is will there be enough young people to do this.

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REALLY makes you believe in "the system" right? LOL.

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We're definitely not getting enough scary talk about inflation. We need more talk about the yen becoming worthless!! What about the debt??!!

Japan hasn't been able to cough up an inflation fur ball for over 30 years. A entire generation has no idea what inflation even is. Well, there were two years of panic inflation of 2.75%, so there is that.

Keynesian economic theory went away with the Sony Walkman.

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This will be repaid via skyrocketing prices on everything due to resulting inflation. Money given away in huge amounts soon becomes worth much less, and eventually worthless.

Hopefully Japanese consumers are smarter than the American public and see through this move for what it actually is.

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Someone please show me where this dreaded inflation is? Cause I don’t see it and I haven’t since I moved here permanently in 98.

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Let's go Kishida, make Japan great again.

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Inflation? An ex colleague came back to Japan for a visit before covid and was amazed that her favorite bottle of green tea and two onigiris cost exactly the same as 27 years ago!

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