Japan protests China's new activities in East China Sea gas field


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Shocking. China acting like a bully. I fear some non-Chinese will have to die to get them to stop and for the world to notice.

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Dirty China..

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Instead of moaning, Japan should start its own exploration activities.

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So much for the Xi-Abe handshake ay? What was that, like a day?

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You can never truly trust a leader's words nowadays. Of course China would say stuff that would put Japan at ease so it could continue to do what it has been doing with less resistance. China has its own brand of statecraft after all

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An alternative: the parties disputing the boundaries could form a partnership for development of mineral rights, eliminating the boundary dispute. The could operate as a team instead of operating as rivals.

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1glenn, boundary is western concept. For the past millions years since Beijing men first appeared in East Asia, there were no boundaries that can't be changed. Boundaries between Japan and China changed so much that as long as people could be peaceful, Chinese emperors were willing to give Japan as many territory as possible. But Japanese govt was too greedy to keep asking for more, using violence and force. That upset the whole goodwill and led to the destroy the dark side. History is a mirror that Japan should look in it.

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History is a mirror that Japan should look in it.

While we're all looking into mirrors , how about China look in the mirror and see what it has been doing to its own peoples' human rights.

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According to the official map of the International Maritime Union. The disputed area is only a small linear strip 10 to 15 kilometers wide.

The official map of the UN which is the one that officially delimits the borders of each country. It says in this case that the oil and gas field is divided between the two countries.

Looking north. The right side of the energy field is in Japanese territorial waters and EEZ. While the left side of this field is in the territorial waters and EEZ of the People's Republic of China.

What Japan fears is that China will use military force to illegally seize the entire energy field. Including the Japanese part of it. Something contrary to recognized international law.

China has the right to exploit the energy resources of that field as long as it does so from its side of the border. But it cannot occupy sovereign territories of other states, nor can it exploit resources that are not its own.

The solution to this problem would be to create a neutral zone of 5 kilometers on each side of the recognized international maritime boundary line. A place where neither of the two countries cannot exploit energetically. Under UN supervision. Like the green line in Cyprus.

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Akie, if boundary is a ‘Western concept’ why does China have border disputes with 18 countries?

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After Korea went back on a Deal that's Final and Irreversible, we should work closer with China.

Those islands are still Japanese, we can extract gas as well.

S. Korea took Takeshima by force and moved Koreans on the island, built barracks, helicopter pads, plants.

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