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Japan protests Chinese development work in East China Sea gas field


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Japan and China agreed on joint gas development in the area in 2008 but negotiations were suspended in 2010.

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Akie is right, it’s on the Chinese side. If they’re worried about China siphoning gas, about the only thing Japan can do is to hurry up and build their own gas production facilities. Crying about it isn’t going to do anything.

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"Beijing has developed 16 structures on the Chinese side of a Tokyo-proposed median line separating the two countries' economic zones in the East China Sea."

How stupid the protest is ? Since when Japan becomes a part of China ?

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Well it's about time Tokyo started to develop their side of the area... And start developing the senkaku island as a forward defense base like the Chinese have done with their artificial islands in the South China Sea.

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What would happen if someone in Japan wanted to start drilling in a nearby area?

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What China does within it's borders, and on it's side of the median line, does not require Japans permission.

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China didn't actually ask Japan to join a few years ago. Too late.

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