Japan protests Chinese paper's map of atomic clouds


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How is this article any different from he previous one which already mentioned that Japan has complained?

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Not sure, but I'm re-posting my comment which I just added on the other article.

I must say those mushroom clouds over Hiroshima and Nagasaki are pretty tasteless. But the main propaganda meme that needs to be countered is the big lie that "Japan wants war again," (which is the caption that appears on the map). NO, it is not Japan that wants war. It is China that is spoiling for a fight with Japan and her other neighbors. Japan's move to "collective security" came about only because of China's constant bullying and needling. Moves by other Asian countries to beef up their military are also a result of China's bullying.

The fact that the offending map was published by a branch of the Communist Youth League was no accident. The CYL is not the Boy Scouts. It is a training ground for future leadership in the CCP and as such it has a centralized structure and decision-making process like that of the CCP. In addition the youth league serves as part of a propaganda network for CCP to spread the party line to and through its youth. Chongqing is a major city and one of four large municipalities so the Chongqing CYL covers a lot of ground.. Tasteless mushroom clouds aside, the message has gone out from the CCP that "Japan wants war again" which of course is absolutely not true. The youth league is just doing its job parroting the narrative of its parent organization. (The Party may not have ordered the mushrooms, though.)

There has been a recent flurry of "anti-Japan, remember our humiliation" festivities sponsored by the CCP I know whenever there are domestic problems the CCP will use Japan's past to divert the public from the present (e.g. after Tienanmen in 1989 the CCP launched its anti-Japan education campaign to shore up the Party); and I know that China's aspirations for more territory need a smoke screen; but, I wonder if there is something going on within the Party itself. Does President Xi really have a secure hold on leadership? And would a challenger be better or worse. Oh to be a fly on the wall.

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Does President Xi really have a secure hold on leadership?

No, he doesn't. That is, partially, whats motivating his anti-corruption trials. He is effectively ridding himself of political rivals and shoring his hold on power.

It is China that is spoiling for a fight with Japan and her other neighbors.

I don't think the PRC does not necessarily want war with Japan, they want to bully Japan into backing down. War with Japan would be disastrous, especially because the PLAN, at the moment, could potentially suffer a humiliating defeat.

Instead, stepping up the rhetoric is for three main purposes: 1) distract their population away from internal issues (human rights, solidify Xi's hold on the CPC, a slowing economy, etc.), 2) to cow Japan into compromise vis-a-vis the Senkaku Islands (which would be a huge victory for the PRC), and 3) attempt to use their propaganda and victimization narrative to unite Asia under a Chinese security framework (which is not working out so well, but this is all about the PRC's rise to regional and then global hegemony).

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The color of mushroom cloud was white. three round with tailed crouds vertically on top of Hiroshima City. China could use better artist. The blue cloud on picture cover Hiroshima-ken, Okayama-ken, Tottori-ken, Shimane-ken, and Yamaguchi-ken. No It was on Hiroshima City. Definitely it was 3 whitre cloud stuck on top of Hiroshima City sky.

BTW, PM Abe's grand uncle retired from PM and preached anti A Bomb and received Nobel Peace Prize.

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He criticized Japan for repeatedly creating provocations over historical issues.

And a map showing mushroom clouds over Hiroshima and Nagasaki isn't provocation? Are you a moron Hong Lei, or are you just pretending to be one? The only one creating provocations over historical issues is China. It is China who refuses to move past WWII, and it is China who repeatedly brings up the war and Japan's occupation of China at every convenient moment. The pot calls the kettle black.

“We hope Japan can learn lessons from history, go down the path of peaceful development, and avoid the repetition of historical tragedies,” he said.

And what do you define the invasion of Tibet as? What do you define the invasion of East Turkminestan and Mongolia as? What do you define The Great Leap Forward, The Cultural Revolution and Tianeman Square Protests as? You really are a fool Hong Lei, if you believe that you have any right to talk about peaceful development when all you do is butcher your own people and invade your neighbours. You have no right to talk about peaceful development after these atrocities, nor after your role in the Vietnam and Korean Wars. Japan has learned its lesson from history. That's why it isn't overturning its Pacifist Constitution except to allow for collective self defence, and that is why it isn't forming a standing army. Nor is it trying to regain the right to declare war. The only one in need of a lesson here is you Hong Lei, and every other brainwashed moron in China who seriously believes that Japan is acting aggressively.

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If Japan keep confronting with China even in the south China sea and lead to a war, there will be more beautiful mushroom clouds on the map.

Before the creation of the two mushroom clouds , the USA warned ahead also, RIGHT?

The USA worned it, but was ignored, so the USA had to use it.

The same in the future?

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Don't listen to the Chi-comm supporters and anti Japan crowd. The fact that they want to minimize this incident, and divert attention away from it by continually attacking Japan as the 'aggressor,' speaks volumes.

The Japanese government has every right to protest this stupidity.

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Let's see how many mistake view in you statement.

First, They never want to minimize this! as a matter of fact, they want to maximize it, that's why they post it in the news paper, and make the world to discuss on this.

Second, they are not diverting attention away from it ! They just want the whole world to discuss this, to pay attention to it. To prove that even on the special day , the JP Gov't want to build a union to confront with China instead of apology of the sponsing a war .

Third, as a matter of fact, the stupidity belong to JP Gov't, he fall in the trap to protest, thus the whole world will pay attention to it and discuss on it.

my views are opening, any discussion will be welcome.

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Three things for what they're worth:

1.)Like I said yesterday, this ad in a small newspaper is just stupid and doesn't deserve an official response from the Japanese gov't. Its just feeding the trolls.

2.)By saying Japan won't tolerate this depiction as the only country to have suffered an atomic bomb attack, you could be implicitly suggesting the bombing was unjustified. There are many views on this but I don't think the Japanese gov't takes that position. Suga should probably tread carefully.

3.)I don't think its provocative or offensive, just really dumb. If the mushroom cloud was over Tokyo, that would be provocative!

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Mgglife, if you care to look at any foreign newspapers, virtually ALL of them state China is being aggressive at the moment. The only people who think that Japan's actions are unjust is China. Instead, most of the world is commenting on how China is bullying the neighbors to the south and making a big deal over something that happened 80 years ago.

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Do not just sit around, Japan needs to protest and demand an apology from China. You have a right to do that. Do not let them bullying all over you.

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@afanofjapan, didn't japan itself just made a big deal of this? A-bomb was certainly something happened about 70 years ago. Funny, whenever China and SK complain something, they say it was 70 years ago. But not this time when the table is turned on themselves.

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"Japan protested Wednesday to China over a newspaper's depiction of exploding mushroom clouds in a map of Japan, calling it offensive." Chinese did not nuke Japan nor commit any war crimes against Japan. Yet, it is still insensitive.

What's really offensive is war criminals being insensitive to their victims. Japanese need to study Japanese war criminals. They need to be sensitive to their neighbors. At least, they need to understand that the savagery committed, Japanese history, was shameful act.

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“We hope Japan can learn lessons from history, go down the path of peaceful development, and avoid the repetition of historical tragedies,” he said.

Er Japan IS a peaceful country, they haven't invaded or attacked another country or their interests since WW2... what has China done since 1945? How many invasions? How many Chinese civilians have they executed or murdered? How about the insanity of the Chinese territorial claims over the sea and air space? China is the monster here, not Japan.

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Though this time it was extremist from China, who intensionally inflamed tensions, it's sad that so many posters can only see fault with the other country, while turning a blind eye to their own. Too much National pride, blinds us all! Both sides continue to act worse than spoiled children and poke at different times and points in history, to win their arguments. No country and no government is without faults.

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Not to be a jerk, but maybe this is how China feels when Abe and PMs make official visits to Yasukuni shrine?

Pour salt in someone's wound and I'm sure they'll be keen to do the same to you.

Just sayin', ya know?

(Try a little empathy once in a while)

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@“We hope Japan can learn lessons from history, go down the path of peaceful development, and avoid the repetition of historical tragedies,”


Japan learned lessons from history and became economic and technical innovation country,

You don't know USA streets have been all over with Japanese brand name cars. Electronic and furniture stores in USA advertize Japanese brand TV, laptops, printers more.

Repetition of historical tragedies? Japan hasn't dropped A bombs in anywhere, FYI, USA dropped A-Bombs. Japan did not drop to Hiroshima and Nagasaki. They need no to avoid repetition of A-Bombs because Japan never did.

Go to any hospitals. You will find Japanese brand new kind of x-ray machines. Go to optometrists office. You can get computer users eyeglasses after you get your eyes tested with Japanese brand eye tester gadgets. Why you worry about Japan when you don't know Japan did not drop A-bomb. You are the one to learn history.

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toshiko...the tragedy that needs not be repeated is the war of aggression started by Japan. The A-bombs were just an end to a chain of events that the Japanese started. That being said, China is using the past as means to placate the current Chinese population who are increasingly aware that they are living under the thumb of a totalitarian dictatorship.

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I believe the atomic bombs should be re-implanted in Japanese memories to prevent them from being so gung-ho. Similarly, China should re-visit the shame they went through to remind the people to be vigilant. China must not suffer such humiliations again whether under the Japanese or other invaders. Over time they too must confront their ghosts from the past. But first, they must be strong and build a country that others will not find it too easy to attack! Isn't this right for a country. Let's not live under pretensions. Abe has no goodwill towards China. He will do his utter most to travel the globe to put China down. The Chinese know it and we in ASEAN know it too! China has to be strong so as to counter balance Japan. We in ASEAN were humiliated and nearly totally destroyed. If not for the US, we would all be singing the same national anthem. However the US is now on Japan's side!

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Please specify who are "we in ASEAN". The people I know from ASEAN countries certainly do not feel humiliated. And Japan does not have to be counter-balanced militarily because even with the recent change in the interpretation of Article 9 of the constitution Japan cannot initiate war. All the more, controversial as he might be, Abe has pledged over and over again that Japan is devoted to world peace so please stop writing nonsense, will you?

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Maybe this will encourage Japanese people to look back Japan's past. They will find WW II history books in libraries or even Japanese language versions of Wikipedia. I mean all people who were born after Japan was surrendered.

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Not to be a jerk, but maybe this is how China feels when Abe and PMs make official visits to Yasukuni shrine?

But aren't the Chinese government and people aspiring to be better than the Japanese who commit mass war crimes?

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In Asian2014's comment we see the Chi-comm thinking: Japan must be made to atone but the poor innocent Chinese must be encouraged to threaten everyone. The world outside of Asia does not respect this self-centered thinking, Asian2014.

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We in ASEAN especially means Malaysia, Singapore and Myanmar. We have memorials to remind us of the pain we suffered under Japanese hands. If not for the 2 bombs, we would all be singing imperial Japanese anthem and still be flying the Japanese flag! Syonanto was flooded with useless banana Japanese notes thank God for the US!

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Better hope that the US will be back to help you from the useless Chinese notes then. Their economy is all opaque after all, with no real ability for the world to assign a value to the Yuan.

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This Chinese map is not provocative at all but very educational. Japan should follow suit and make a map of China with icons of piles of corpses in major Chinese cities, but it won't happen because, alas, Japan's rightwingers are in denial

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Well, well ,well. Someone thinks that the Yuan is useless whereas the US government thinks that the Yuan is too cheap. Maybe the someone is the smartest and the US government are all fools! Anyway the Yuan is never forced on us and we trade in all currencies.

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