Japan protests over signs of renewed Chinese gas exploration


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Why not work with the Chinese instead of fighting and arguing over who has the right. Gas or oil exploration would benefit both countries. Also the cost of such explorations would be lower in a joint operation. We already live in a world of turmoil, its about time politicians started to focus on positives instead of negatives.

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Because they are not building gas platforms, they are building radar sites that are camouflaged as gas platforms.

JMSDF released various photos showing radar antennas from them a while ago.

Basically at current gas prices it doesn't pay in developing deep water offshore gas/oil rigs.

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" The exploration platforms are on the Chinese side of the median line..."

So why just build platforms on the Japanese side instead of whining like Trump?

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Why not work with the Chinese

At the national level, this doesn't happen.

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One of these days China will build an airport there ... going from one platform to another while spanning the sea below. If so, then things will become really interesting ...

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minello7Oct. 13, 2016 - 09:09AM JST Why not work with the Chinese instead of fighting and arguing over who has the right.

How do you "work" with a totalitarian dictatorship bent on territorial expansion that outright refuses to recognize or comply with international law, and uses resource development as a cover for military purposes?

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Japan may prepare to bring Xi Jn-ping's government to international courts. Give the Zhongnanhai war criminals another chance to sit on the international laws.

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Presenting China before international courts won't do anything, these international courts are all bark and no bite when the security council membership are not willing to enforce arbitrations and court rulings. But, seriously, don't these two countries ever get tired of there consistent confabulations, China will not stop no matter how many protests through diplomatic channels come their way. The best counter for their arrogance is to build facilities on the Japanese side as well and expand on their military presence along Japanese borders.....even the Trump idea isn't seeming so ridiculous now as the case may be.

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