Japan protests possible gas extraction by China in contested waters


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how about neither country extracts gas from the contested waters?

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If the structure and drilling is on the Chinese side, what is the issue with Japan?

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Do they want China to extract on the Japanese side of the Japanese proposed median line?

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Japan needs to be doing the same thing on their side of the line. Don't bother protesting to China, they aren't going to give a rodent's rear end.

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Hey Japan, turn about is fair play! Send your drilling rigs out, and "share" the wealth!

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At a time when Japan urgently needs its own supply of gas, this gives a perfect opportunity for them to show some backbone and start extracting gas from their side! Send in the rigs NOW!

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18 structures set up by China on the Chinese side of the median line in the sea.

solution is obvious. Because USA is forcing us stop getting Russian energy, we can buy it from China. They have new gas fields very close to japan, so transportation will be cheap and easy.

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Possible gas extraction by China in Chinese territory. Isn't main stream media great.

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China is not going to stop. Time for Japan to set up its rigs quickly.

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When China started exploring for gss there they invited Japan to work with them but of course Japan refused. I bet they regret it now

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Protest? What a weak leadership ths country has. When will this country take decisive actions against it bullies?

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@Rodney, 8.55am

On what factual basis do you say that?

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If the structure and drilling is on the Chinese side, what is the issue with Japan?

because the gas reserves expand over both borders under the seabed, so its highly likely China will be removing gas on both side of the borders effectively taking Japans reserves in the process. drilling technology doesnt mean just straight down, they can effectively drill horizntally / diagonally and change the direction of the drill head. China could be drilling under the sea bed on Japans side of the border and theyd never know.

which is one reason why they set up this joint venture

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The longer Japan takes to begin extracting on it's side of the median line, the more volume China extracts and the less available for Japan, (assuming it is the same gas field).

Objecting will not halt Chinese extraction of gas. It is on record that on numerous occasions Japan has made objections to China, now get on with getting your own share from your own side. And stand by for Chinese objections when you do.

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Everyone saying its fine its on the chinese side, have you seen the movie There Will Be Blood???


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I always wonder if such problems don't exist between the U.S. and Mexico. You know, oil reserves off the coast of the North American Continent seem to be connected continually from the coast of Texas to Mexico.

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The structure was located in May on the Chinese side of a Japan-proposed median line separating the two nations' exclusive economic zones in the sea, according to the ministry.

Protesting activities in exclusive economic zones they proposed.

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My stance as regards such problems, if there is any, is that that there must be some sort of international convention that prohibits relevant countries from being engaged in commercial and industrial activities in contested waters.

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You should thank China for the research and development, and make haste to drain the the place dry before China does.

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The Senkaku Island group in Okinawa Prefecture is a place where Japan should take immediate action. It's a use it or lose it situation. If Japan puts an outpost on the islands, China will have to take it away by force. But, if China is the first to put an outpost on the islands, Japan will have to take it back by force. Is it worth fighting a war about it? I'll bet Japan will still be studying the possibilities when China takes action...

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Its because the resources straddle the Chinese and Japanese territories.

Years ago the development was supposed to be shared

However as usual Japan is just too slow to move forward

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@ Richard

Your confused between the contested economic zone and the contested territory zone of senkaku

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Now you know why N.Korea fired those missiles.


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